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A Christmas story

The story of creation

20 November, 2022


Christmas was approaching and the village children were waiting for the arrival of Peduru Seeya. He was a great story teller. Unlike other story tellers, he used to ask children what they wanted to hear.

Peduru Seeya arrived at the usual time and the children sat around him to listen to a Christmas story. He asked the children what they desired to know.

A hand went up followed by another.

“Seeya, tell us the story of Creation,” both of them said in unison.

Peduru Seeya cleared his throat and said, “A long time ago the world was very dark. God wanted to create a beautiful world. Then he said, ‘Let there be light and there was light!’”

“Then what happened?” the children asked.

“Then the all-powerful God ordered the Mighty Oceans to go back. Lo and behold! Dry lands appeared everywhere. However, there were no people or animals. Before creating people and animals, God commanded the earth to produce trees and plants. The world at once became a beautiful place bubbling with green leaves and multi-coloured flowers.”

“What else did he do?,” the children asked.

“Well, God commanded the sun to shine in the day and the moon to give a gentler light by night.”

“Were there stars?,” they asked.

“Why not? He created stars to twinkle at night.”

“Then what happened?,” they asked.

“He created small and large fish in the ocean. Then he made birds to fly in the sky. Now the world was a beautiful place to live in.”

“Didn’t he create men and women?,” the children asked.

“No, God first created small and big animals. And he was satisfied with his Creation.”

Peduru Seeya got up and went away, promising to come another day.

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