Education | Sunday Observer


20 November, 2022

Education is very important for acquiring knowledge and skills. It is very useful in the life of all of us. Everyone has the right to education from birth.

Education is very important for both boys and girls equally. Without education, nobody can understand the difference between right and wrong.

Education makes us humble, creates awareness and also expands our vision. It helps us to maintain discipline in our life. An educated person is a respected man in society. But uneducated people’s lives are not stable because of the lack of education. Education is very important for the social and economic development of a nation. It is a must for a good future and a stable life.

Education plays vital role to shape our future as successful persons in life and as responsible citizens in society. It is the best key to success. Education is very important to lead a happy and good life and it develops our character and personality. So, as children we should make it the main responsibility in our lives to be educated well and become good and useful citizens in society.


T.M. Dulmini Chamalsha Thennakoon

Grade 7

Sussex College