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A visit to a historical place

25 September, 2022

In January, I visited a historical place called Isurumuniya. It is in Anuradhapura. I went there with my parents.

When I went there, I saw some stone carvings and the Isurumuniya temple. There were many stone carvings. The Isurumuniya Lovers’ and the ‘Royal Family’ were in the museum.

After seeing them we went to look around. There were many stones everywhere. When I went a short distance, I saw a flight of stone stairs. On the sides of the stairs there were guard stones. Not only that, I also saw some bats in a dark cave.

After the journey, I thought that was an unforgettable journey in my life.

H.M. Sithmi Nethumika Herath
Grade 7-G
Sri Sangabodhi National School