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My future ambition

11 September, 2022

Everybody has a goal in his or her life. A goal or an ambition is a person’s inner desire that lies deep within them.

A person without an ambition or a goal is like an infant without its mother. He or she is bound to be lost and live in sorrow.

Your ambition would help you to have a clear vision about your future.

I hope to do well in my studies and eventually become a doctor and live in America.

Ambitions are not just about career goals. I also want to build shelters for the poor and feed the hungry.

I should to be an inspiration to the people who look up to me.

I also want to pursue my interests in phycology and English literature. English literature is such an interesting subject.

You can improve your English writing skills and improve your knowledge of the structure of society by reading English literature.

The reason why I’m so interested in phycology is because of Jordan Peterson.

He is a phycologist on the internet and has such rational opinions about many things, and is uite an intelligent person. He inspired and motivated me to achieve many things in life.

I’m also interested in drawing. I’m quite good at it already, but I want to gradually improve my drawing skills as time passes.

I have many ambitions for the future.

I might develop some more ambitions in the future. And I hope to succeed in everyone of them.

Akith Randinu Wanniarachchi,

Grade 8-A,

Asoka College,

Colombo 10.