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Election, no answer to political crisis – Vidura Wickramanayaka

14 August, 2022

Minister of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs, Vidura Wickramanayaka said an election will not be the answer to the current political crisis right now, adding that the incumbent Government should be given some time to perform.

“An election means that the people will have new hope but as of now, nobody will get a clear-cut majority in Parliament. Even if an election is held tomorrow, there won’t be a clear-cut majority for any party. Again, they will have to form an alliance or an All-Party Government (APG). Therefore, there is no use in conducting an election at this juncture,” the Minister told the Sunday Observer yesterday.

Responding to the comment by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and certain other sections that holding a General Election is the only solution to the political crisis, Minister Wickramanayaka asked whether dollars would flow into the country soon after holding an election.

“There will be some countries which will extend their help, not in aid, but in loans but we have to repay those loans. Even the credit lines which have been extended by different countries, we have to repay that as well. So, the burden on us will be more.”

The Minister said right now, an enormous amount of money will be needed to conduct an election.

“If we need political, economic and social reforms, can’t we do it with this Legislature? Why go for an election spending huge amounts of money again?”.

He said, “I feel some people think this is the best time to hold an election so that they will be in power. The greed for power has not taken us anywhere. There are enough examples in our own country as well as in other countries.”

The Minister said this is the worst ever crisis we have had. To a certain extent, an APG will be the medicine for the ailments that we are undergoing. We have been always treating the ailments, but not to the cause of the cancer. There should be sweeping political, economic and social reforms. For that Parliament should be one but what we have observed it is always divided based on political lines.

Minister Wickramanayaka said accepting or rejecting Ministerial portfolios is not supported wholeheartedly. Paying mere lip service will not help. When politicians are in front of a microphone, they will say they can support the Government wholeheartedly but they have to show that in practice.

“Let us get together and choose the best idea for the sake of the country, people and future generations. If we miss this opportunity, there may not be a future for the country. At present, we should forget our political differences and divisive ideas, thoughts and utopias that we have. As Cabinet Members, we have taken up the challenge of bringing this country out of this mess,” he added.