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The Sun-Horse

14 August, 2022

Once upon a time, there was a country with sad people and gloomy weather. It was gloomy as a grave. So, the Sun God, the deity of light and prosperity refused to rise.

A special horse

But the king owned a horse of a special breed. This horse had a special feature. The hair on his forehead was in the shape of a sun.

The king was sorry about his countrymen because when they wanted light, they did not have a source for it.

But, when the king rode on the horse, the Sun-Horse could emit light from all over its body. So, when the country men needed light, the king used to ride the horse across the country.

The Sun-Horse disappears

One day, the Sun-Horse disappeared. The country started getting cold and then started becoming gloomier than ever. The king ordered the army to search for the Sun-Horse. The king himself joined the army in their search. They passed many mountains and plains and reached a cottage. There was a man reading a book.

A seer

When he saw the king he stood up and greeted him. He was not an ordinary man. The king realised that the man was a seer.

“I was reading about what you are looking for. This is end of the path. I will help you to find the Sun-Horse” the seer said.

“Yes, please good man. I will treat you royally when you find my Sun-Horse,” the king said.

“I do not need royal treats. Leave me one of your men here. And you may return to your country”, the seer said.

The king did so.

A journey

On the following day, the seer and the man from the king’s army started their journey. They passed six countries and reached a castle in the seventh country. This country was ruled by three kings who were brothers.

Their wives were also sisters. The three sisters’ mother was a witch. The seer asked his companion to wait near the entrance.

A green bird

The seer changed himself to a green bird and flew up to the eldest queen’s window.

He pecked at it until the queen opened it. The queen loved the bird and was sure that her husband will certainly love this little, beautiful creature too. But the eldest king was on a visit to the third province of the country.

Suddenly, the witch, the queen’s mother came to the queen’s room and saw the bird. She screamed at once.

“Wring the bird’s neck before it makes you bleed. Let me!” The witch was furious. The bird flew away and he changed himself to a seer once again and disappeared from the women’s sight before they could see him.

The same process took in the second and third queens‘ rooms. Now, the seer knew where all three kings were. He met his companion at the entrance and asked him to follow him and hurried down the steps.

They reached a bridge which the kings had to pass. They hid under the bridge after putting a log across the road.

The eldest king

The eldest king’s horse stumbled over the log and the king got hurt. He stopped riding the horse and shouted. The seer came out and confronted the eldest king. They took their swords and fought. The seer won the fight and got the king’s horse to carry the master’s dead body home.

The seer and his companion waited under the bridge the next evening and the following evening. It was the same process as the eldest king with the the second king but it was not easy with the third king.

He defended himself well. Both he and the seer broke their swords.

Two cartwheels

The next step in the battle began. They went uphill and changed themselves into two cartwheels and started rolling downhill.

The seer won this round in the battle.

Red and blue flames

The third step was to change themselves into flames and try to burn each other. The seer became the red flame, and the king became the blue flame.

They were about to end up in a tie but a beggar appeared from nowhere. The seer promised him a shilling and the beggar poured water on the blue flame. Finally, the seer won the battle, thanked the beggar, and took the Sun- Horse which the third king had been riding.

The Sun - Horse returns home

The seer and his companion hurried to their country. As the Sun- Horse entered the country, he started emitting light.

The king was happy and rewarded the seer royally.

He appointed the seer as an advisor too.