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The tinderbox

30 July, 2022

Continued from last week


All night long, the soldier wondered how to escape from his prison. He could not even call the dogs as his tinder box was at home.

A cobbler boy

Early the next morning, the soldier went to the barred window of his cell and looked out. Just then, a boy who was a cobbler passed under the window. The soldier called out to him and tossed two gold coins for him to catch. Then, the soldier asked the boy to run to his house and bring him the tinderbox.

The boy who had never had so much money before ran as fast as he could and returned with the tinder box in next to no time. Soon after this, soldiers took the soldier to the place of execution.A crowd had gathered and the king and queen was there too.

The dogs


The soldier struck the tinder box five times and summoned all three dogs. They appeared instantly.

The people took fright and fled as did the soldiers and the king and queen.

The king and queen were not seen ever again. Neither were the dogs seen again.

The soldier married the beautiful princess and they lived happily ever after.