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Crying for the moon

9 July, 2022

The children in the Land of Nowhere were not different from others. They had their own dreams and asked for various things from their parents.


Bandu was the only child in a poor family. His father Burampi was busy with his chena cultivation. His mother Ethana looked after the home front. Their pet dog Kalu guarded the house.

While other children were asking for kites, balloons and toys Bandu wanted the moon.

His humble parents did not know how to get him the moon. However, Bandu did not stop crying for the moon.

Many villagers tried to console the poor child by giving him various toys but Bandu wanted nothing but the moon.

While he was crying for the moon, they did not know how to pacify him.

A hermit

A hermit passing the house saw the Commotion and made discreet inquiries.

A villager told him that a child was crying for the moon. When the hermit made his presence, known the villagers allowed him to enter the house.

Then he turned to Bandu and asked, “Son, why are you crying?”

“I want the moon,” said Bandu.

The hermit asked a villager to bring a basin full of water and place it in the compound.

“Now, come here my boy and look at the moon in the basin.”

When Bandu looked at the basin he saw the reflection of the moon. “Now I have it!” he shouted with joy. Then he started dancing around the basin.