Andare | Sunday Observer


28 November, 2021

Once upon a time there was a man called Andare. He was the clown of the palace (court jester).

Andare was very funny and the King was very happy about him.

One day, Andare came to the palace and he saw something on a mat in the garden. He asked the king what it was. He asked the King what it was.

The King thought to play a trick on Andare and told him it was sand. But it was really sugar and Andare knew it. He thought about it and what to do.

He then went home and met his son. He asked his son to come to the palace crying heavily and saying that mother has passed away. Then Andare went back to the palace and joined the King in the garden.

Soon, according to their plan Andare’s son came crying and moaning to the palace. Andare asked him why he was crying. ”Mother is dead”, wailed the son.

Andare too started wailing.

He fell upon the mat and started eating the sugar saying “ now, there is sand in my mouth and sand in your mouth.

His son too started to eat the sugar.

The King realised that he had been tricked.


Savindi Maleesha

Grade 11

A Zone International English Academy