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Money spinner from invasive aquatic plants

23 July, 2023
Ranil Wasantha showing his products to tourists
Ranil Wasantha showing his products to tourists

The hand paper manufacturing industry in Rajangane, Anuradhapura is being internationally popularised. Ranil Wasantha of Rajangane colonisation scheme with a skeleton staff of 10 has been able to supply his hand paper and value added items made out of hand paper to China, Canada Switzerland, Japan, Australia and the USA. There is an increasing demand for these items from many countries and foreign agencies.

Anuradhapura District Planning Director Sugath Nayanananda who supports to promote the production told the Sunday Observer that financial assistance was given to hand paper manufacturer Ranil Wasantha to upgrade and promote his innovative hand paper manufacturing industry under the auspices of State Minister of Finance Shehan Semasinghe who implemented the Saubagya production village project, being the Minister of Self-employment, Business Development and Home Economy of the previous government.

Ranil Wasantha told the Sunday Observer that he has been using tall grass (Alimana Plant), banana barks, maize husk, moss varieties and invasive aquatic plants to manufacture hand paper. Native herb ingredients are used to add colour to the hand papers and drying is done in the open air. Raw paper is exposed to the sun after fitting it to wooden frames.

“I am endeavouring hard to continue the industry sans machinery, advanced technology and funds for upgrading further. If resources are provided, I am in a position to supply the country’s whole requirement of A - 4 papers and bring substantial foreign exchange by exporting high quality hand papers and by- products. Job opportunities could be provided in the hand paper manufacturing project,” Wasantha said.