The Poson Moon | Sunday Observer

The Poson Moon

28 May, 2023

On Mihintale’s rock, bathed in golden hue,
Arahath Mahinda arrived, his message true.
Poson’s sacred day, a moment to revere,
Let’s heed his call, the Buddha’s path draws near.

Yet have we strayed, enticed by worldly charms?
Craving luxurious lives, caught in desire’s arms.
Let the moon rise again, on that hallowed ground,
To awaken our souls, true wisdom be found.

In Mahinda’s footsteps, let us gently tread,
Embracing the Dhamma, where truth lies spread.
Release attachments, let go of ill will’s sting,
With compassion and love, our spirits take wing.

Dispelling ignorance’s veil, knowledge we seek,
Enlightenment’s flame, may it make us meek.
In the teachings of the Buddha, profound and pure,
Wisdom’s light guides us, steadfast and sure. 

Oh, Mihintale’s rock, shine with timeless grace,
Revive our devotion, help us find our place.
May the Poson moon bless us, its radiance bright,
Guiding us to Nibbana, liberation’s light.