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Mercantile rugby Sevens in June

7 May, 2023

The ever popular Mercantile Rugby Sevens will be held this year over three days from June 15 to 17 at the CR & FC ground Longdon Place. This tournament always attracts top rugby talent from the Mercantile firms that include national players as well.

All member firms of the mercantile sector who are registered with Mercantile Rugby for at least a month are eligible to participate in the tournament with the cut-off day for new entrants being May 15. The deadline for team entries will be June 1.

The competition will return to the usual segments having adapted a shorter format last year due to lack of teams. The men’s competition will feature the Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield segments.

The criteria that will determine which segment the teams play in is as follows:

Cup/ Plate – Four or more ‘A’ division club players

Bowl – Maximum number of ‘A’ division club players allowed will be three per team

Shield – two ‘A’ division Club players can be registered but only one (1) ‘A’ division club player will be permitted to play at a given time