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On Vesak Full Moon Poya Day...

30 April, 2023

The birth of Siddhartha the royal prince
To royal parents who eagerly awaited ever since
Was an amazing wide experience
For the entire universe steeped in ignorance
For specially Buddhists, you and me

Having been born in the sacred Lumbini
Under the shade of a flowery Sal tree
Honoured by the Devas, Brahmas and mother earth
Put an end to numerous miseries of existence
Bringing solace to you and me

His luxury homely life enjoyed very high
Was given up most willingly with no sigh
Abandoning all acts leading to joy and fun
Taking a glimpse of his new born son
Paved the path for you and me

He called for his rider Channa
When taking the reins of Kanthaka doubling speed
He heard a command “Siddhartha stop”
To his dismay it was Mara indeed
But defeated him creating bliss for you and me

It was a stern “No” and then totally isolated
Along Neranjana he slowly tread
His search for the eternal truth commenced
There under the Asatu Bo tree his victory pronounced
For the end of eternal dukkha for you and me

After the unparalleled event of renunciation
Followed by the most amazing self-mortification
At Bodh Gaya under the shade of the holy Asatu tree
He put an end to his lengthy searching spree
Reaching the summit of bliss sans distinction for you and me

He realised Four Noble Truths and Eight-Fold Path
Emphasising the Middle-Path as the golden path
He found the blissful path of liberation
The greatest discovery of mastermind with strong determination
Bringing sansaric wandering to a close for you and me

Enlightenment the greatest bliss dawned upon him
Siddhartha Gauthama Buddha calm and serene
Developing super human powers of divine vision
Fulfilled the sacred task of his universal mission
Bringing freedom from sansaric ills for you and me

Rupa Banduwardena
Melbourne, Australia