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23 April, 2023

Railway lines merging together, separating from one another and again merging together like before, tell a story about life and separation.

Don’t you feel so? Indeed, we are on a long journey from womb to tomb. In this Samsaric cycle we encounter new people, build new relationships with them and spend time with them. Eventually, we have to say goodbye to loved ones.

Life is filled with dreams, hopes, wishes, desires, blessed with loved ones and disturbed by loss and sorrow. Whatever we cherish will perish. We gain nothing and lose everything. This is why we cry and regret. Unfortunately, what one forgets is his or her present life.

We repent our past and worry about our future. Let’s think from a different perspective. What if flowers, trees, waterfalls, rivers and oceans stop breathing and start thinking of the past? Undoubtedly, the whole world will become a desert.

What if the sun stops rising and starts thinking of the future? The whole world will be swallowed by darkness. Certainly, the same attitude is called for in leading our lives. This is why we should live in the present moment.

Love and loss

Would you think that love is a sacred emotion or a sacred sacrifice? Of course not. Love is a combination of both positive and negative emotions such as affection, honesty, loyalty, selfishness, lust, passion, impatience and so on. Interestingly, there are three major pillars that contribute to love- attachment, caring and intimacy.

Here, attachment means your physical contact with your partner. In addition, you have to look after your partner. True that we all work in a fast - paced environment and do not have time for ourselves. But, you can not wriggle out of fulfilling your responsibilities.

You should have at least five minutes for your partner. Most youths tend to tell tons of utter lies to please their partners. Regrettably, they have forgotten that the foundation of love is trust. When you break one’s heart, it is hard to heal those wounds. Whenever your partner feels betrayed or cheated by you, you will not receive what you expect. Acts of dishonesty, misunderstanding, miscommunication and lack of intimacy can ruin any love story. Another key pillar is intimacy between you and your partner. Your partner expects you to share your thoughts, plans, ideas and wishes.

For instance, Othello stabbed his lover Desdemona to death because of misunderstanding. Prince Vijaya betrayed his lover Kuveni. Indeed, history reveals many stories about love and loss. We know that most love stories are short-lived ones. Seldom do we find eternal love stories.


The most important factor for any love story is trust. The way we express our love differs from person to person. How we feel someone’s love is also not the same at all. Then, where does the fault lie? The common weakness is that we fail to give enough time for our partner. This is why your partner feels alone and insecure.

The second factor is that you have to be a good listener. Being a good listener plays a key role in both your career and personal life. Never expect your partner to be serious all the time. You have to be a good fan of her childish stories and grievances.

If you are not ready to listen to your partner, you cannot stop him or her from breaking up with you. Anyway, we were born to enjoy this life, not to suffer. Whatever happens in your life, you should not be demotivated or unsatisfied under any circumstance. Even though you are alone in society, you should be confident of yourself. There must be a rose for every bee in this miraculous world.