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Everything Everywhere All at Once

9 April, 2023

This year’s Oscars was monopolised and dominated by “Everything Everywhere All at Once” that spellbound the Dolby Theatre audience, grabbing seven awards, including the best picture, a major night for Asian and Asian American representation.

The feverish multiverse reverie and illusion, surrounded by a shattered family gauged in a cross-dimensional feat, also bagged awards given for the best director,best actress, best editing, best-supporting actor/actress, best original screenplay at the ceremony that marked the 95thAcademy Awards.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” dazzled during that night, being the highest nominated film. After well over two decades, while being the second woman of colour, Michelle Yeoh recorded her name in Hollywood’s history book.

Halle Berry enjoys the record of being the first woman of colour who revitalised the path of the Academy Awards while being the best actress in the year 2002.

Michelle’s acceptance speech was rather remarkable and went viral on social media platforms. It was not just merely a speech that was included with a few words but absolutely an epic that gave a tremendous degree of inspiration, notably for the senior womenfolk who may be worrying out there for not yet been able to reach at the pinnacle of their selected fields and for those who are worrying over their relatively old age and complaining on the same being their barrier in achieving and winning their career and life goals.

“For all the little boys and girls who look like me watching tonight, this is a beacon of hope and possibility. Ladies, don’t ever let anyone tell you are past your prime”,Yeoh declared.

Arguably, Yeoh is the anchor of the film. She has been given a role that demonstrates her comprehensive and wide range of remarkable talent that run across her unique martial art skills unto her exceptionally imposing and splendid comic timing to her potential of excavating unending depths and intensity of extraordinary and rich human emotions, sentimental and passions frequently arising from a sheer glance or a reaction.

Yeoh is a dazzling star of movies, and “Everything Everywhere All at Once” was deeply thoughtful of the same. Simply watching and observing her style of letting herself shine glamorously blazingly and crystal clear, may make anybody crying with utter excitement and gladness.

The film is liberal, beatnik and unconventional. It is an escapade in flipside existence and multiverse realities. Writer-directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert who are popularly known as the “Daniels”, may accumulate good merits in bringing out a blockbuster movie that is being watched in every nook and corner across the world.

The “Daniels” made headlines in 2016 with their, “The Jonzeian Comedy Swiss Army Man”, which had a tremendous commercial success.

Michelle Yeon knocked the mind-bending, mile-a-minute and multi-universe film right out of the entity of time and space. Yeon does an arguably perfect job in the lead role.

The film’s showcase of multiverses directly addresses the meaning of life and nihilism, with its protagonist having to be multiple versions of herself where Yeon’s undisputed Cinematic charisma runs across the movie.

Yeon was undisputedly superb and full of intense and bizarre rides with her cast. She was visually stunning, her costumes were epic, and the balance of humour and emotion that she was capable of maintaining right across the film was amazingly perfect. None was meant for the role of Evelyn Wang other than Michelle Yeoh.