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To be released January 10 :

Harry’s new book shakes Royal family

8 January, 2023

The latest news about the British royal family, which frequently makes headlines, is Prince Harry’s book. The self-deprecating book “Spare” by this stubborn prince, who became the recipient of internal family anger after marrying a black woman from America, Meghan Markle, is set to be released next Tuesday, and it has already been predicted that it will crush the glamorous atoms of the British royal family.

The British royal family has always been a hot topic for gossip and news. From Charles and Diana’s magnificent wedding in the early 1980s, which was watched by the world’s largest audience, to Queen Elizabeth’s recent funeral, the international media and the Internet were flooded with information about the royal family. However, according to news published in the UK’s local media, Prince Harry’s book, which will be released on Tuesday, January 10, will cause even more damage to the royal family.

The Duke of Sussex, also known as Prince Harry, abandoned royal wealth and relocated to his wife’s homeland to live independently. Thirty-eight-year-old Harry is the youngest son of King Charles III, who currently holds the British crown, and is also the younger brother of William, Prince of Wales. Most of all, it was the most beloved son of Diana, who was adored by the world as the princess of ordinary people.

The international media attention that Princess Diana received while she was alive has not changed for Harry, even after his departure from the royal family, and his self-deprecation is said to have increased the prince’s popularity even further.

For the past few days, the British people and the media have been talking about this issue the most. Although not yet released, Harry’s book is believed to have exposed many of the royal family’s secrets that are controversial enough to challenge the prestige and reputation of the royal family.

A lot of such information has already been published for those who cannot wait till the book arrives. Among them, the news of Prince Harry being beaten by his older brother William has attracted the most attention. The alleged assault did not happen overnight, and Prince Harry was subjected to persecution and harassment from the royal family, accusing him of having a marriage that was not suitable for the royal family.

Mismatched marriage

The mismatched marriage, however, results from an extraordinary love story. Although she made quite a name for herself through modelling and acting, her name came to prominence after marrying Prince Harry.

Prince Harry was attacked by William at his London home in 2019. He wrote in his book that William said that his wife was an unruly woman who could not be understood. The story went so far that Harry mentioned that an enraged Prince William grabbed Harry by the collar of his shirt and threw him to the floor. In fact, he fell on top of the pet dog’s bowl. The pot broke and injured his body, and Harry had to get treatment for his back. It says that he then kicked Prince William out of the house.

There are many such facts in the book “Spare” that the publishers failed to hide from the media until its release. Almost all of Britain’s media have managed to get hold of a copy of the book ahead of its release, and it looks like the world will read it before it comes out. The title Prince Harry chose for his book reflects how much pressure and injustice he felt from the royal family. Vehicles are equipped with a spare wheel that can be used to repair a flat used wheel. Harry says that he too was in the royal family that way.

According to British royal tradition, the eldest son of the family is entitled to the crown. He also reigns supreme in terms of power and fortune. Therefore, the younger one has naturally become the “spare one.” All the above-mentioned things pass on to him only when there is a calamity for the elder.

The regret of being the spare must have weighed heavily on Harry. It is thought so based on a reference he made while remembering his birth. He says that at the time of his birth, his father Charles said, “Oh, great.” You have now given me a crown prince and a spare, saying that his mother may have said to Diana, “Now my work is complete.”

The British media has reported that the book contains not only surprising facts about what happened between two royal princes but also other facts that reveal the arrogance of the royal family. Harry received the royal family’s approval for his marriage to Meghan, but it came with little reluctance. The royal family knew that this stubborn prince would marry Meghan on his own, consent or not.

But in the end, what happened was that, from the day of their marriage, Princess Meghan suffered many insults from the royal family. But it is said that she endured all this because of her love for Prince Harry. Prince Harry was so angry because of his love for Meghan that he got into a fight every time his wife insulted the royal family. But she did not get angry every time she heard such insults; she wasn’t surprised either. But she was deeply saddened by it. Like his mother Diana, Prince Harry has always been a prince who stood by the people and had a sensitive character.

He was 12-years-old when Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris. He says that his mother left him when he needed love, which he now receives from Meghan. She doesn’t want to be the dream princess of Prince Harry’s world, but to fill the void in his life without a mother.


There are many differences between Harry and William that are present from childhood. William is a character who has become arrogant in the royal family, resembling King Charles in every way. His wife, Kate, Princess of Wales, is second to none. Some say that it is his wife Kate who is giving Prince William the upper hand against Harry and Meghan. She has been trying hard to tell the world that she is a woman with a noble and kind heart and is equal to Princess Diana for a long time. But after some time, after Princess Meghan joined the royal family, there was a growing opinion throughout Britain that she was similar to Diana. Like Diana, Meghan was bucking royal tradition. Some of the country’s media called her the second Diana of England.

The British media reported that Harry’s book also said good things about Princess Kate. It has also been predicted that after the release of her brother-in-law’s book next Tuesday, Kate will be furious. From the beginning, Kate and William have managed to make Prince Harry unpopular to the public. It has also been revealed that they have used various tricks to make him laugh on many occasions. Harry’s book states that in 2005 he was encouraged to attend a party in which he was dressed in a “Nazi” insignia. In fact, Harry eventually attended the party dressed as a Nazi. It was a source of amusement for them, and Prince Harry was also subjected to social criticism.

Although Prince Harry is a joke to William and Kate, the international recognition he has received is enormous. Many people predicted Meghan would face a similar fate even before she married Harry, especially given the British royal family’s treatment of Diana.

It is said that not only William and Kate, but also many other previously unknown facts about the royal family, have been included. During Princess Diana’s lifetime, she published books like these, revealing many family secrets. Some claim that those books were able to “undress” the British royal family. Diana’s young son appears to have written a book that will further damage the family’s reputation.