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Dream It On - Mario’s tribute to beauticians

14 August, 2022

If a genius is recognized by his childish simplicity, an artiste is recognized by his childish sensitivity. Singing sensation Mario Ananda Abeykoon launched another pulse-pounding musical creation titled Dream It On on the 5th of August.

Certainly, it was a new musical taste for all of us. Take a sip to quench your musical thirst, you will feel its newness. Upon the request made by Kishu Gomes, versatile artiste Mario Ananda had contributed to the tribute song ‘Dream It On’ to honour the services rendered by beauticians around the world.

Credit for composing music and penning lyrics should go to our versatile artiste Mario Ananda. Indeed, although there is a ream of poetry on women’s beauty, we cannot find any tribute song for beauticians who beautify both men and women.

Perhaps, this is the first time that we could witness a song for beauticians. Assistant Director of the production Dulanjali Ananda said that the international launch of the song on Spotify and Itunes under ‘Arnuka Global’ record label was held on August 5, 2022. At present, you can enjoy the music video Dream It On on Mario Ananda You Tube channel.


What is clear is that ‘Dream It On’ is different from other creations because it has been dedicated to our beauticians. The English lyrics, Music Direction,Visual Direction and the vocals for both versions (Sinhala and English) were by Mario Ananda.

The Sinhala lyrics were penned by an 18-year-old lyricist Malindu Mihisara Pradinath. The camera eye was handled by Nevinda Jayasena. Yogitha Rathnayaka was the makeup artist. In addition, we can never forget the support from Mario’s sister, Dulanjali Ananda who is the Assistant Director of the production. Currently, she is the CEO of Mario Ananda Production.

YouTube Channel

This YouTube Channel was launched on April 6, 2021 with another music video titled ‘Living on the Edge’ which inspired our sportsmen and talented youths to keep records in sports.

What he needed was to keep youth encouraged and motivated through sports. As noted by Mario, everything is possible as long as you have faith in yourself. He had focused on the under-15 champions and record holders in sports and featured them in his visual song Living on the Edge so that they could garner the popularity and fame.

Even outstation sportsmen could get more opportunities to establish their own identities in sports with the support of this music video. In addition, it is no secret that rambunctious children can reach unforgivable heights in the absence of a proper authority figure.

For example, they tend to use alcohol and drugs as well. Young singing sensation Mario Ananda, upon realizing the grave consequences of this social problem, has dedicated his time and life to help such children get rid of the drug menace.

Evidently, we cannot forget that those who are actively addicted to drugs, alcohol, or other substances tend to develop certain mechanisms including rationalizing, minimizing, denying, and lying to continue their behaviour and they might hide away from their emotions.

Addicts always face unhealthy habits to cope with emotional distress. Listening to good music and lyrics helps people to safely dive into the depths of their feelings and discover multitudes of emotional states. It also helps them to break through rigid thinking patterns.

Another problem faced by drug addicts is low self-esteem. It is a common factor in many addicts’ struggles after sobriety. It might include shame, humiliation and loneliness attached to addiction. It is necessary to enhance the person’s recovery and avoid relapse. In doing so, music plays a key role in connecting them with each other.

That is why young musician Mario Ananda chose music to provide relief to youths. Moreover, he promotes sports such as Wu Shu through his music. Recently he produced a documentary containing the key elements such as the significance of Wushu and composed a theme song for the sport.

The lyrics were penned by Mario. As noted by him, Wu shu is not only a sport but also a philosophy which can bring people together. He leaves no stone unturned in building unity and reconciliation among people through sports and music.

The tool with which he is going to accomplish his goal is music. Proving unrelenting commitment, Mario has received proper Wushu training under the guidance of Leel Dharmapriya to make the documentary more successful. Speaking of sports and music, it is no exaggeration that athletes rely on music because music helps them to revitalize themselves.

According to recent studies, slow-tempo music helps people to remain longer in any sport. Not only that, we listen to music to reduce fatigue and tiredness in our daily routine. Versatile artiste Mario, by combining music and athletics, opens up opportunities for developing one’s talent and satisfaction in any field. All in all, it is clear that the country needs artistes like Mario Ananda who can breathe new life into dreams.