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A model with a winsome smile

3 July, 2022

Her innocent look adorned with her signature smile and pure thoughts, humbleness and generosity in her words, kindness and innocence in her excellent character light up her crystal clear path towards the pinnacle of success. She is Dishney Umario Rajapakshe.

Today, the Youth Observer shares Dishney’s life story with its readers.

She is a product of Maliyadeva Girls’ College. She has completed her Master’s degree in child psychology and education in Australia. Now, she hopes to pursue her PHD in the same stream.

Born and bred in the city of Kurunegala, she laid the foundation for her academic life and modelling life. Participating in her school sports meets as the netball captain, Dishney had brought fame and glory to the school.

“I captained our netball team and participated in school events,” she said. It is significant to mention that being a school prefect she had maintained a distinguished personality with discipline.

“Never did I want to confine my capabilities to one area. When we contribute to extra curricular activities we can improve many things in life, our leadership qualities, sensitivity, skills and talents. Life is not only your education but also what you have gained. If we have a good combination of all the things, yes it is a good life,” she said.

Dishney earned a name at her school by winning All Island awards, proving her skills. “I was a member of the school drama and dancing groups and participated in all island competitions.” Dishney established a record by winning the All Island first place in Ballet dance for five years uninterrupted.

Speaking of her achievements, it is music and drama teacher at Maliyadeva school, Chandralatha Ginthota who paved the way for Dishney to be distinguished in sports. All students who were trained under her guidance could excel in All Island Competitions successfully. Moreover, Dishney had made her contribution to English language competitions and showered herself with awards.

System change

At present, there has emerged a big outcry over a system change. As stressed by Dishney, there must be a system change in every field. “Now most students and parents have lost themselves in this rat race. There is a competition with others. As a result, they have forgotten good qualities and virtues. We cannot point the finger at them because they are too caught in this trap. Students are moving away from sports and arts.”

The point that she raised can be said to be significant to all of us.

“School syllabus does not include subjects which are useful to our practical life. For example, now we think that a certain level of education has to be stipulated for our voters. However, had our school teachers taught students about the importance of franchise, there would not have been such a crisis in the country. Schools should take the responsibility to build our country by changing students’ mindsets. Only then can we dream of a better future,” she said.

Asked about Distance Education in the country, Dishney said that online learning has not been made accessible for all students. Those in far flung villages cannot get access to 4G signals. Most students can be seen climbing up trees to attend online lectures. Those responsible for the country’s education are taking decisions at the expense of the majority of students,” she said.

Victoria International School which was founded by Dishney’s mother to uplift children’s education has broadened the horizons of many students. She renders remarkable service for the school as the director.


Dishney has won our hearts not only as a model but also as an actress. Blessed with a glamourous look and a slim figure, Dishney won the Miss Sri Lanka title in 2019 and the Queen of International Tourism title in 2020. As you already know, it is Dishney Umario who won the Hiru Mega Stars 2022 Award as well.

“In 2015 I joined a dancing class conducted by Channa Wijewardena sir. He opened many doors for me to thrive in every field. I remember Upuli Panibharatha with much love. Speaking of my achievements, I won the Miss Sri Lanka title in 2019 and the Queen of International Tourism title in 2020. Our national director was Rukmal Senanayake who supported me,” she said.

Going down her memory lane, Dishney recalled her past. “My parents did not like me to enter the acting and the modelling fields. They thought that it would disturb my education. But, I could manage both sides successfully by completing my education up to my Master’s degree. My intention is to pursue my PHD,” said Dishney.

Speaking of Dishney’s modelling career, her role model is veteran actress Sangeetha Weeraratne. “I came across a great personality from whom I could learn a lot. She is Sangeetha Weeraratne whom I admire the most.”

As an actress

Better known for tele dramas such as ‘Eka Dawasak Api’, ‘Soosthi’ and ‘Ale Corona’, Dishney Umario had bewitched many hearts through her acting.

“First, my special thanks go to Sarath Dharmasiri who paved the way for me to be an actress. He was the director of my first teledrama. One day, Sarath Dharmasiri sir was looking for an actress with a Chinese look. There were Chinese girls for the interview, but none of them were fluent in English. On seeing me by chance, Dharmasiri sir invited me to play the main role, it was unimaginable for me because neither did I imagine doing a character in one of his tele series,” she said, her eyes lighting up with joy.

She has touched our hearts with her performances in teledramas like ‘Ravana’, ‘Sathya’ and ‘Eka dawasak Api’. Asked about Dishney’s opinions on the characters, she said that she still loves all the characters like her children. It is because she wanted to do the maximum justice for all the characters within her capabilities.


Being a distinguished model in the modelling field, Dishney has made a giant leap forward in the country’s modelling field. Therefore, the Youth Observer thought to share her message with you. “Modelling is a good field. It is you who should maintain your professionalism in this field. Your education is the first because without a proper education you cannot gain sustainability. Do what is good and what is right. That is the secret to success.”