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Multifaceted model - Madhu Kulathunga

19 June, 2022

Born creative and multifaceted, she has planted herself in every field where she can bloom. Being determined and self-motivated, she has taken up every challenge which tested her confidence.

True that she is an iron woman who challenged the challenges in her life. She is Madhu Kulathunga. Born in Trincomalee on September, 16, 1989, Madhu is currently staying in Colombo.

Before speaking of her modelling career, let me start the conversation with an exciting message. No wonder that the highest and holiest is motherhood because being a mother is the nearest to divinity.

These days Madhu is dreaming to become a mother of a divine angel coming down from the heaven above us. We would like to convey our congratulations on the occasion of experiencing the holiest joy of giving birth!

Needless to say that Madhu made a name for herself in many fields including art, acting and modelling. Madhu won the title at the 2019 Miss Sri Lanka beauty pageant. Art which invites us to explore the world through a new eye can be said to be a creative imagination as well as an expressive communication language which requires feelings and emotions.

“Not that I studied art as a subject at school because we did not have a teacher for art. But, I cannot imagine how I improved my skills. My father always supported me to improve my painting skills. These days, I am drawing portraits,” Madhu started the conversation with her signature smile.

Multi-skilled Madhu did not have boundaries in her life. Being an artist, makeup artist, actress and model, she had proved her inborn skills to the country. Sadly, questions arise as to why her talent is hugely under-rated in our country.


“After the completion of my A/Ls, I wanted to study modelling. Because modelling is a subject with a vast area. I graduated from the Rosanne Diaz Model Academy and entered the modelling field as a professional model. In the modelling field we have freedom to find our niche. There are many categories such as swimsuit model, fitness model, fashion model and so on. A model is like a white paper. It is the model’s right to choose the most appropriate colour to paint the white paper. No one can limit you. If you want to enter the modelling field, you cannot shine without knowledge.”

Modelling industry

Modelling is a form of art. Models who have dedicated themselves in the modelling industry should be able to attain the status of pure objects. “Unfortunately, in Sri Lanka there are more opportunities not for those born with skills but for those who have contacts. If you have contact with prominent businessmen and politicians, you can easily find opportunities. That is the sad truth. In this backdrop we cannot expect a better future. Not only that, our models have limited their abilities due to our cultural restrictions. Modelling is a form of art and gives models enough freedom to showcase their talent. Our culture has already snatched the models’ wings. That is why we cannot expect them to fly.

“In developed countries, the modelling industry has become one of the main sources of revenues because models have been given the freedom to do something new. We cannot take ours to that level due to the cultural restrictions and people’s traditional attitudes. However, in the near future our modern generation will break the manacles of cultural restrictions and come out of the shell. So, let’s see what will happen.” Madhu said.

Living with nature

If we go against nature we will have to face detrimental experiences. Madhu is a nature-lover. She has two friends in her life. One is Aloe Vera and the other one is Sandalwood.

“I love our environment because it gives us everything we need. Whenever I am staying with trees and flowers, I can renew my energy. Never should we go against nature because it is nature which protects us.

“Sadly now our country is moving towards deforestation. In our country there is diversity. In Horton plains you will feel as if you are living in England. In Anuradhapura you will feel as if you are in India. Actually, our country is a gem that most people fail to understand the value of.” These words came out from her heart.


As I mentioned, Madhu has challenged the challenges which tested her energy. I asked Madhu this question.

“Challenges and hardships which I had to go through were many. In countries like Sri Lanka talented youths cannot get the right opportunities. This is the major issue that I faced.

“Many tried to bring me down whenever I reached the pinnacle of my goal. But, I did not allow anyone to overcome my energy. I have faith in myself. That is how I became stronger. I won the title of 2019 Miss Sri Lanka. “It is regrettable to say that we were not given any opportunity. Through my own efforts I had to set out on this perilous journey. However, I am satisfied with what I have achieved.”

Currently, Madhu has a busy life as she plans to introduce a new cosmetic product called ‘ MK Whitening Cream and Lotion’ which contains only natural ingredients. As noted by Madhu, this product is exclusively for those interested in enhancing their beauty with natural products.

In addition, her new salon will be open to all very soon. “I believe that everyone has a unique beauty. Ugliness is only a thought in your mind. You should not let that negative thought emerge because we were born with a uniqueness. My goal is to highlight the natural beauty which you were born with. I am ready to help you out by sharing my knowledge with you regarding your requirements.”

Madhu Kulathunga is not an ordinary girl who can be limited to one corner. As an actress she had showcased her skills to our audience.

Going down the memory lane, she recalled her past. Madhu had played the main characters in films including ‘Doctor Ado’ and ‘Martin Ayyai and Simon Ayyai,’ and minor characters in Jeewan Kumaratunga’s ‘Jeewa’ and Sripali Hettiarachchi’s ‘Sannaliyo’. It is crystal clear that we have talented and intelligent youths in our country. Unfortunately, no government in our living memory has taken measures to empower the country’s young generation to build Sri Lanka’s future.