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Write your heart out - Santhoshya Jayamali Seneviratne

12 June, 2022

Being captivated by the episodes of ‘Sarah’s Bigamy’, Sunday Observer readers might have a growing interest in reading about that writer who enthralled you with heart-touching episodes weekly.

She is none other than Santhoshya Seneviratne whom you may hail as Santhoshya. As a French language enthusiast, she had learned French and worked as a French language teacher.

Santhoshya’s passion for literature has fuelled her enthusiasm in searching for more writers. That is how she came across Emile Zola. Inspired by Emile Zola’s life and controversial activities, Santhoshya published her book ‘Once Upon a Twice’ which went on to win international recognition. Let’s see how she embarked on her literature journey.


Santhoshya Jayamali Seneviratne

Santhoshya’s poetic heart began to beat even from her young age. Her maiden poem titled ‘ Rainbow’ woven around a person whom she loved, has painted her poetic life. Surely, at that time no one had thought that little Santhoshya would become a poetess in the future.

Speaking of her childhood, Santhoshya said that she had a knack for writing short poems and narrating stories since her childhood. “I have been writing poems and novels since the age of 12. I am not a person who talks too much. But when it comes to writing, I am not a silent person. I feel that I can express my feelings and thoughts better through writings.”

Santhoshya who had her education at Vishaka College had participated in writing competitions and won awards, proving her skills to everyone.

“My parents and teachers appreciated my poems and novels. My father is a writer. My mother read my poems and shared them with her friends. Even my teachers did the same as my mother.

So everyone knew about me and my writings,” she said.

Novels and poems

Being a novelist and poetess, Santhoshya has enriched the modern literature world. The best example is ‘Once Upon a Twice: The Unassigned Hour’ which is a dramatic fiction short novel inspired by Emile Zola’s life.

The story portrays the relationship between a young female writer and a professor of performing arts. It is significant to mention that most books penned by Santhoshya are based on moral stories.

There is something for everyone to learn. ‘ Illicit’ is another novel revolving around a multimillionaire, a maid and a gardener. No wonder that you have already read the episodes of ‘ Sarah’s Bigamy’ which had been published in the Sunday Observer newspaper weekly. Speaking of her writing process, Santhoshya said that she turns her feelings and thoughts into words. “I usually write at night. Night is the most ideal time for me to write. I give the first place to my thoughts and I let them come freely. I do not hide anything in my writing. I write my heart out.”

Significantly, as noted by Santhoshya, she writes only 80% and leaves the rest for the readers to imagine. When asked about her poetry, she did not forget to share one of her poems with you.

Queen Bee and the King

Let’s go then, just you and I
To that enchanting wild
Where elephants trumpet,
Tigers roar,
And Lilies bloom...
Let’s depart the honeycomb now
With your queen bee
Once and for all!
‘Tis time now
In beautiful serenity
As we embark,
When I come with some gifts
From one dark reality
Yes, let’s embrace
Ourselves final
In that wonderful wild
Where thin air is bliss.

“This poem depicts the fact that some selfish people exploit others’ loyalty and honesty, breaking their hearts,” said Santhoshya.

Speaking of her unforgettable memories, she said, “I have so many unforgettable memories in my life. I have a son and two daughters. The day they were born is one of my unforgettable memories. Recently, I realized that some people have made use of my innocence and soft-heartedness. Such memories and experiences will remain unforgettable forever. I turn them into words in writing.”

To be honest, Santhoshya’s pen, empowered by a flow of poetic thoughts knows no boundaries because the sky is her limit.