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I sacrifice everything for my daughter - Shamila Dushla BeeBee

12 June, 2022

Many have won titles at beauty pageants. Many faces are appearing in the modelling field. To stand out from such faces one should have something extra and something impeccable.

To be honest, Shamila Dushla BeeBee known as Shami Dushla was born with uniqueness to ever-shine in the modelling world.

Let’s hear her story

Shamila had her education at two schools, Sri Rahula College and Sri Jayewardenepura College. Later, being a Japanese lover, Shamila decided to follow the Japanese Language General course at the Japanese Language Cultural Centre - Sasakawa.

Shamila has passed the Japanese language proficiency Test (JLPT) level-4. Shamila amazed us with her flawless Japanese accent. She had engaged herself in her studies and sports at school, proving her skills.

“I was involved in extracurricular activities in school. I was a member of the volleyball team,” Shamila noted.

Obviously, Shamila who has built her own personality as an all-rounder has explored many areas. She had studied dancing under Shashila Perera, sharpening her skills. Later Shamila obtained an opportunity to start her career as a dancer in India.

Needless to say that most students fail to plan their future after facing the Advanced Level Examination. But Shamila had taken a prudent decision to give a value to her inborn skills.

“I went to India to study Bharatha Natyam. Later, after completing my studies there, I started my career as a Kandyan dancer in India. I studied more about Indian culture as well,” said Shamila. Shamila continues the friendship with several people she met in India.

“There was a girl named Vaishnavee Kunku. She was really friendly with me. Vaishnavee together with her parents used to visit my place in India. I remember them with much love. Vaishnavee’s father is Nagaraja Rap Kalkatte, her mother is Rekha Nagaraja Rao. Even today, we share our memories with them,” Shamila said.


Her modelling career proves the philosophy behind the well known saying “Anything worth having takes effort”. Yes of course, she has sacrificed her time and effort for whatever she loves. Walking the runway with grace and style at the Mrs. World Pageant Shamila amazed the audience with her appearance.

“I participated in the 2019 Mrs. World Competition and won the titles of Mrs. Sri Lanka World Best Cat Walk and Mrs. Fitness at the event. I was among the top six,” she said. Not only that, Shamila had won the title of Mrs. Sri Lanka World Best Figure at the 2020 pageant and among the top 7.

However, unfortunately, our future is uncertain and we cannot pre-decide our future plans. Shamila Dushla, though nominated for the Mrs. Tourism contest, could not compete at the event as if through an error of her destiny. “ After the crown shoot, I met with an accident and could not

participate in the virtual pageant. The virtual pageant was held in the Philippines due to the Covid-19,” Shamila said.

With the fame and glory she earned as a model, Shamila received many opportunities to shine. Shamila Dushla has been featured in magazines such as ‘Lanka Woman’.

At present, Shamila works as a local director and Makeup artist in a Japanese company. Recently, the company published a book on Sri Lankan food under the supervision of chefs. Surprisingly, Shamila Dushla’s name is among the names of chefs.

Speaking of the publication, it contains the recipe for sixty food items including milk rice. Speaking of her career as a makeup artist, Shamila has gained an all-round knowledge in almost all the areas of personal care and beauty therapy. After having completed the Beauty Therapy Diploma course under Ramani Fernando, Shamila started her career as a professional makeup artist in the Japanese company.

Modelling industry

To my question about the modelling industry of Sri Lanka, Shamila noted that models can be seen mushrooming all over the country.

“Today, we can see many faces in the modelling industry. But they do not have a good knowledge about the modelling industry. Therefore, they tarnish the image of the models.

“Another point is that those who are not talented enter the industry with the support of politicians. That is why in Sri Lanka the modelling industry does not have a bright future. First we have to educate those who wish to enter the modelling industry. That is the step we have to take in this regard,” said Shamila.

Shamila stressed that most models do not have an awareness of applying makeup in a proper manner. “Most models do not know how to highlight their facial features by applying makeup. We apply makeup not to hide our features but to enhance them in such a way we can stand out from others.”

Dedication towards her daughter

“I have sacrificed everything for my daughter because she is my top priority. I think that one day she will be proud of her mother.”


“Seek new knowledge and do something for your motherland. Don’t fumble in the darkness without proper knowledge. And don’t forget your country. As Sri Lanka is our motherland, we have to develop it. When you study a subject, you have to do it with dedication. Even though I have done dancing, I did not want to conduct dancing classes because I am not satisfied with my knowledge.”

Shamila was grateful to everyone who supported her.

“My special thanks go to Dhammananda Thera for supporting me. Again, I thank my parents, relatives, my elder sister Resha and her husband Chinthaka, Kishani Gomes, Faiq, Dr. Chathuri, Wathanabe San, Akiko San, Kyotaka San, Tharindu Shanika, Fizer, Sapna Aroshi, Alwas Mohan, Thusitha Ayya, Chathuranga, Nihal Hool ayya, my much loved Indian family and Vajira from Vijaya Publishers.