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Modelling is my passion – Nilu Tanasha

29 May, 2022

Modelling is her passion. Challenges fuel her life. Love and affection brings hopes to her heart. Knowledge can light our world.

She is none other than Nilu Tanasha who garnered international recognition at the International Future Fashion Faces World (FFW) 2019.

Born on May 15 in Battaramulla, Nilu studied at CMS College, Kotte. Being passionate and energetic, she engaged herself in her studies and sports at school and showed a growing passion for modelling and acting.

Who can eclipse one’s God-gifted talent and skills? Nilu Tanasha born to shine in the modelling field achieved her goal with dedication and commitment. Going down the memory lane, she said, “Not only my studies but also sports had become a part in my life. I did so many things at my school. However, I was interested in modelling and acting and wanted to enrich my knowledge in this field. If you kick a roadside bush, you can find many models. However there can arise doubts as to whether such girls are honestly talented or not.

“Most of the time, many girls who want to earn a name are entering the modelling field thanks to the political support. Though they may be able to enter the modelling field, no doubt that they cannot stay in the field even for months,” she said.

Having gained a great knowledge under the guidance of experts, Nilu began to write a new chapter in the Sri Lankan modelling field.


“In 2012, I graduated from Mrs. Rosanne Diaz’s Institute of Modelling,” Nilu said.

As noted by Nilu Tanasha, the most significant factor for one’s success in any field is knowledge. We know that the moon needs the light from the sun to shine in the sky. Trees need the sunlight, water, fertilizer and soil to grow. It is clear that we need the support from many to be stable and stronger in any field. Let’s see who supported Nilu to embark on this longest journey navigating all challenges.

“It was Mrs. Rosanne Diasz who supported me to embark on my modelling career and there are so many people who supported me to be where I am now.

“It is important to mention that being a model is not about being pretty. It is mainly about being unique. It is about how you stand out from others. Yes, you might say that there can be more beautiful people in the world.

“You should have a unique look. If you have a great passion for being a model, there must be something unique in the way you walk, smile and look. Sometimes it could be just a unique smile. For example, the way that your dimples look, when you smile, the shape of your face and that of your nose which can add dimension to your face or it can be any unique quality,” said Nilu.

True that Nilu Tanasha’s signature smile has distinguished her face from other models in the modelling industry. That is why she could become the first runner up at the International Future Fashion Faces World ( FFW) 2019 held in Turkey

Challenges and achievements

Being self-motivated, Nilu Tanasha had the courage to guide herself through the treacherous waters despite the challenges. The modelling field is more competitive and thriving in the international arena. “There were so many challenges that I had to face. The biggest challenge that I had to take up was participating in the International Future Fashion Faces World 2019 held in Turkey and I found it so challenging.

“I had to compete with all the international models. I’m proud to become the first runner up at the event because I could win a special award for my national costume.”


Being a well known model, Nilu has garnered both fame and reputation. She has acted in many teledramas and films. The best examples for her acting career is ‘Seda Mawatha’ which was her maiden cinematic appearance. Later, Nilu acted in several teledramas such as ‘Agnipiyapath’, ‘Ahas Maliga’ and ‘Paara Dige’.

Nilu said that she is receiving positive feedback from her fans for her acting in ‘Para Dige’.

“Most fans know me as ‘Wathsala’ from ‘Paara Dige’ and I was praised by many for giving life to this character. Currently I am living in Dubai. Most Sri Lankans in Dubai recognise me as Wathsala. I think that this character changed my entire life.

Modelling in Sri Lanka

To my question about the country’s modelling field, Nilu said that those aspiring to become models do not study the modelling industry as a subject.” Today’s models do not show a willingness to explore this subject. Therefore, we cannot expect the country’ modelling industry to be thriving. There are so many things for you to study. you must train yourself to be a model under well qualified trainers. Without a proper training and guidance you cannot stay in the modelling industry. And if your goal is to earn money by becoming a model, you cannot stay in the field.” Nilu said.

“Never give up your dreams”

What shapes and builds one’s life is the motto. Let’s ask Nilu the same question.

“My motto is ‘Never give up your dreams’. Giving up your goals is easy but gaining what you want is harder. We have to dedicate our time and life for our goals. Honest efforts will never die.”

Nilu did not forget to talk about her favourite food. “Even though I am living in Dubai, I love Sri Lankan food. White rice with jackfruit and coconut sambol is my favourite.”

Indeed, our identity is our Sri Lankanness. Being one of the most talented models in the country, Nilu has been trained under many mentors. She paid her gratitude to those who lent a helping hand with much respect.

“I thank all my seniors in the entertainment industry and those who helped me and guided me to be successful in my career. There are so many names that I could mention.

My special thanks should go to each and everyone who supported me even with a simple comment. I wish to convey my gratitude to my supportive family, friends and my fans to be a part of the entertainment industry. It is crystal clear that I would not be here where I am today without their support and love.

“Finally, I wish to see my country back on track and everyone to be happy. It is regrettable to say that my country is going through a tough time now,” she said.