AJNA | Page 3 | Sunday Observer


12 January, 2020

The mystical serpentress wakes up from her meditative slumber to initiate a journey to the highest realms of existence. From her core - the Patalaloka - she slithers and sways into the Bhuloka and Antaraloka, rhythmically binding the cords of all three worlds. The known and the unknown; the seen and the unseen; gradually unfold merging into a tempera of the universe. The colours on the canvas sink into the dark depths of Patalaloka, moving higher and higher towards light. The dark merges with light as much as the light blends into the dark such is the journey of our lives. The cyclic play of light and dark uniting with the universe, where all its individual identities cease to exist. The layers of tempera depict this universal play of coexistence.

Divya Prasad Iyer