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Channel 4 documentary on Easter attacks

Sallay files complaint; UK media regulator begins probe

12 September, 2023

Following a complaint made by Major General Suresh Sallay, the Head of State Intelligence Service (SIS) regarding the controversial Channel 4 documentary on the Easter Sunday attacks, the British electronic media regulatory office, has started an investigation.

The UK-based Channel 4 recently released a programme regarding the Easter Sunday terror attacks in Sri Lanka alleging that the Director General of the State Intelligence Service, is complicit in the attacks.

Major General Sallay has informed the British Electronic Media Regulatory Office that Channel 4 has deliberately broadcasted the video with the aim of tarnishing his image, even though he had previously given proper answers with evidence regarding the allegations.

Before the release of the video, Channel 4 had inquired about the allegations from Sallay.

In response, Sallay had given a written notification to the channel stating that he denies all the allegations and that he was not even in Sri Lanka during the alleged period.