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Stage set for C Rugby’s exciting Mix

10 September, 2023
Dilroy Fernando, the Tournament Director of C Rugby speaks to the Media at the event’s launch at the Excel World in Colombo (Pic: Wimal Karunatilleke)
Dilroy Fernando, the Tournament Director of C Rugby speaks to the Media at the event’s launch at the Excel World in Colombo (Pic: Wimal Karunatilleke)

As many as16 combined teams of past students from both boys and girls schools will come together on September 16 at Longden Place in Colombo to contest the annual C Rugby tournament.

The combined teams are Royal/Visakha, Isipathana/St. Paul’s, St. Joseph’s/St. Bridget’s, Kingswood/Girls High School, Wesley/Methodist, DS Senanayake/Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Ananda/Musaeus, Trinity/Hillwood and Ladies, S. Thomas’/Bishop’s, St. Anthony’s/Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy, St. Sylvester’s/St. Anthony’s Girls School, Dharmaraja/Mahamaya, St. Benedict’s/Good Shepherd Convent, Vidyartha/Pushpadana Girls School, St. Peter’s/Holy Family Convent Bambalapitiya and Thusrtan/Ratnayake Balika.

Tournament director Dilroy Fernando said the rules of rugby governing fair-play and player safety will apply while judicial officers will also be in attendance.

“This tournament is so unique in format that it will showcase combined sport at its best and the rules of international rugby will be enforced.

“We hope that this tournament will serve as a means to enhance interest in rugby outside school tournaments especially with regard to club rugby that needs a facelift although it is not an event for clubs.

“We want families to patronize the event that will also help to revive school memories for old boys and old girls,” said Fernando whose AGOAL International Company is spearheading the event for the seventh time.

He said the day’s proceedings will take on a carnival-like atmosphere with sideline entertainment and food stalls to add to the package.

Each team in the fray can register 12 players and only seven will be permitted to take the field and the usual red and yellow card rules will also apply.

More than 40 sponsoring entities representing household names in food and beverages, travel and transport, information technology and medical very much associated with sports promotion have jumped on board.

“Rugby fans can look forward to another year of flying flags, resounding cheers, great entertainment and of course great rugby,” said Fernando who has been in the forefront of organizing several rugby events that included the CR and FC Centenary Sevens which also attracted foreign participation.

Last year’s C Rugby championship was bagged by the combined old boys/old girls’ team of Dharmaraja and Mahamaya while the Trinity/Hillwood Girls side won the Plate. St. Benedict’s/Good Shepherd Convent won the Bowl.

Organisers describe the event as the only one of its kind featuring what they call the “brother-sister school teams” joining hands in the same team.