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Four authors with a world of stories to share

10 September, 2023

Hear the story behind the stories from four local authors at the upcoming event ‘Between the Lines’ to be held on September 16 from 6 to 8 pm.

Organised and hosted by O2 Café, in collaboration with The Jam Fruit Tree, the event will cover in-depth discussions featuring four authors, readings from their works, and a sneak peek into their upcoming works!

On the panel of featured authors is Zaithoon Bin Ahamed, better known as Zai. She is a communications/PR specialist, a writer and blogger, and an amateur singer who has played multiple roles across diverse industries, ranging from broadcasting journalism, electronic media, financial news reporting, investment research editorial/publishing services, content marketing, leadership training, and corporate communications and PR.

Zaithoon is Director and Head of Corporate Communications at WSO2, where she is responsible for internal and external communications and global PR.

A lover of travel and experiencing new cultures and exotic cuisines, Zai also enjoys yoga and meditation and will speak on and read from her first book, ‘Love and Miracles’, a collection of poetry and short stories.

Joining her on the panel is Devika Brendon; a teacher, editor, reviewer and writer of English Literature. Her poetry, short stories, and reviews have been widely published in anthologies and journals in Australia and India, and her academic articles in Europe and the U.S.A. Her journalistic work has appeared in ‘The Sunday Times’, ‘The Sunday Island’, ‘Roar’, ‘Groundviews’ and ‘LMD’. She is a columnist at ‘Ceylon Today’, and a contributor to ‘The Daily Mirror’ and ‘The Morning’.

Devika will discuss her upcoming novel ‘Aversion’, and we get to explore the ideas and inspirations behind her writing.

The State Literary Award-winning author, Najaha Nauf will also be featured on the panel. Author, teacher and poet, she is renowned for her awe-inspiring poetry recitals, at venues such as the MMCA (Museum of Modern Contemporary Art, Colombo) and the American Center at the American Embassy of Sri Lanka. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor in Psychology at Lincoln University College, Malaysia, and her Affiliate of Trinity College London at the Wendy Whatmore Academy of Speech and Drama.

Her novel ‘Slow Dancing with the Stars’ won the State Literary Award for best youth novel and we are looking forward to seeing her second book to be released very soon.

Also featured is prolific fantasy fiction writer Dilshani Yasodhya, author of three novels with a fourth on the way.

Dilshani is a creative writer with experience in social media advertising. In addition to her first novel ‘The Demon Within’, Dilshani has published two more novels including ‘Tainted Blood’ – the sequel to her first book, and ‘Freak Therapy’ the first book of a brand-new trilogy that revolves around folklore creatures of Sri Lanka.

An event of this nature demands a particular ambience, and what better location than 02 Café, situated in the WSO2 building on Bauddhaloka Mawatha in Colombo 4. The O2 Café was established with a singular mission: to be the beating heart of creative expression and innovation, an extension of the tech brilliance that defines WSO2.

It’s not just a café; it’s a sanctuary where ideas are born, dreams are refined, and where the sparks of innovation and creativity transform into flames of progress. So whether you’re a coder, a designer, an entrepreneur, a writer, or simply an explorer of the limitless realms of possibility, O2 welcomes you to fuel your aspirations and push the boundaries of what’s achievable, all within the warm embrace of collaboration and community.

O2 Café is a harmonious blend of warm and cool tones, and comfortable seating, from cozy nooks designed for intimate brainstorming sessions to spacious communal tables where chance encounters spark revolutionary ideas. Every corner of O2 Café has been thoughtfully crafted to encourage interactions that transcend traditional boundaries. What better venue for the series of literary events that begins with ‘Between the Lines’?

Stepping forward to show their support has been The Sunday Observer, the official press media sponsor for the event and Chokolaate Magazine, the official magazine media sponsor.