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APIIT Drives the Future of Education with Groundbreaking AI Campaign in Sri Lanka

9 September, 2023

Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) unveils an unprecedented milestone in Sri Lanka's education landscape: A groundbreaking campaign that places the power of artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront of student empowerment.

Inspiring Future Leaders: The Story Behind the Campaign

At the core of this innovative campaign is the idea of "Inspiring Future Leaders" , generated using generative AI itself- a promise to deliver a transformative educational experience. APIIT champions the notion that students should be empowered to inspire others and become leaders who drive positive change in their communities.

In a digital-first era, APIIT has stepped up to reimagine the student enrolment process. The direction for the total campaign was undertaken by APIIT and it was executed using Generative AI tools. A testament to this commitment is an end-to-end enrolment campaign, entirely powered by 100% AI-generated content. This initiative is not just about technological prowess;

it's about empowering APIIT students to envision their future selves in professional roles. Using state-of-the-art AI transformation technology, the campaign crafts futuristic avatars of each student. These avatars serve as a beacon of inspiration, urging students to share their envisioned futures on social media using a unique campaign hashtag.

A Comprehensive AI-Powered Distribution

APIIT's campaign extends its reach across a plethora of channels:

● Digital: Meta, TikTok, YouTube, and website banners showcase the AI-driven content, ensuring maximum visibility.

● ATL: Engaging TV commercials of varying lengths (30 seconds, 10 seconds and 5 seconds) keep the audience captivated, while time checks ensure timely dissemination of the campaign's message.

● Radio: DJ endorsements add a personal touch, while AI-powered jingles reiterate the campaign's core messages.

● BTL: APIIT's physical presence is strengthened with hoardings and kiosks inside APIIT premises with the AI avatars making their presence to communicate the message of Inspiring Future Leaders, ensuring the message reaches every corner.

The Campaign's Ambassadors: Voices of the Future

Meet the ambassadors leading the charge:

● Ryan in Business: His message is clear – students have the potential to become entrepreneurs, carving a path to empower the next generation.

● Shayani in Law: Shayani stands as a beacon of justice, reminding students of their potential to uphold what's right.

● Shane in Computing: With technology at his fingertips, Shane envisions a world where students harness computing to create solutions for a better life.

APIIT's AI Campaign Illuminates the Degree Programmes Journey from Discovery to Delivery

The degree programmes at Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) are not just a path to becoming a leader; it's a transformative journey that moulds students into pillars of justice,leadership, and sustainability across the globe. APIIT's AI-driven campaign eloquently articulates this profound transformation through the following stages:

The Discovery - Realizing one's passion to create value in the world, comprehending societal structures, and recognizing the significance of doing what is right

The Decision - Opting for the degree programmes at APIIT is a conscious choice. They are programmes meticulously designed to empower, enlighten, and embolden students on their path to become future leaders

The Delivery - Graduating from APIIT's degree programmes means more than just becoming a lawyer, business professionals and software engineer; it signifies emerging as a changemaker, fully prepared to champion what is right and make invaluable contributions to society.

In conclusion, APIIT's revolutionary campaign stands as a testament to its dedication to futuristic learning. By harnessing the unparalleled potential of AI, APIIT reinforces its commitment to shaping leaders of tomorrow. The future awaits, and with APIIT's visionary approach, students are well-equipped to meet it head-on.

PS : The strategic and creative direction was given by APIIT team, the execution was done by Generative AI tools