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Rains leave tennis grounded

3 September, 2023
Naveen Kannangara
Naveen Kannangara

Intermittent rain in Colombo has left tennis administrators and players frustrated as they are unable to complete their ATF Under-14 Week One tennis series by today.

The officials have now shifted the matches to be played on hard courts and even shortened a set to just four points with the intention to finish sooner than expected.

The second week of the tournament is expected to start tomorrow (4).


Boys 2nd round

Naveen Kannangara (Sri Lanka) beat Dheer Vadodaria (India) 1/4, 4/0, 4/1

Kubherane Mayour (Sri Lanka) beat Sanjay Giris Kumar (India) 4/2, 4/1

Chamath Minsilu (Sri Lanka) beat Hoi Shun Hui (Hong Kong) 5/3, 4/2

Calvin Jonathan (Indonesia) beat Sasen Premarathne (Sri Lanka) 4/1, 4/0

David Avayou (Canada) beat Buvindu Jayawardane (Sri Lanka) 4/0, 4/0

Puneeth Gowda (India) beat Aslin Silva (Sri Lanka) 5/4, 4/0

Girls 2nd round

Eliza Kahagalle (Sri Lanka) beat Leyala Knese (Germany) 5/4, 4/1

Aishath Kairan (Maldives) beat Ahana Das (India) 5/4, 4/1