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Workplace toxicity affects profits

3 September, 2023
Ian Ramsden addressing the seminar
Ian Ramsden addressing the seminar

The Institute of Direct Marketing and Strategy for Direct Solutions International Ltd recently outlined the damaging effects of different types of toxic managers and how it damages the reputations and profits of corporates.

The seminar was conducted at the Organization of Professional Centre (OPA) on the theme Workplace Toxicity and its effect on Service Management and Profits. The Sri Lanka Institute of Service Management (SLISM) organised the seminar.

UK’s Institute of Direct Marketing and Director of Strategy for Direct Solutions International, Ian Ramsden said a toxic workplace can be the result of many factors ranging from sexual, ethnic, religious, gender discrimination.

He said the workplace toxicity could be the result of the collapse in morale, lower work achievements, dissatisfied customers, loss of good staff, reduced sales and profits. There are many different types of managers who are the source of this ranging from the boardroom bully.

He said it’s the managers or the staff that damage the service management structure of the company.

It was revealed that workplace toxicity can have such a profound effect on Service Management and the SLISM was able to offer a package of issue discovery and solution with recommendations for remedial action to companies which wish to increase efficiency and profitability. Chairmen, General Managers and executives from the public and private sector were present.