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Women show it’s not a man’s world at World Cup final

20 August, 2023
Spain squad
Spain squad

The power of women will be proved beyond doubt today when England and Spain meet in the World Cup women’s football final in Sydney, Australia in a match that the experts and the common folks see as another development phase for the women’s game.

Numerous have been the debates on the differences between men’s and women’s football and the bottom line is that there could be very little to choose between the two segments.

For the millions who witnessed the 2023 World Cup matches, there could be not much of a difference when it comes to goal shooting given the power in which the goals have been scored while the passing, the defence and the attack aspects have not been second to the men.

Taking a look at the patronage at the women’s World Cup 2023, the stadiums have been packed to the rafters with a mix of young and old with both sexes making up the equation in the same way a men’s match draws in the crowds.

The world governing body for football known as FIFA has come under intense pressure to move out and take note of the women’s game to create a level-playing field where earnings from the sport are concerned.

Prize money for the women’s World Cup stands at 110 million US dollars compared to 440 million US dollars at the men’s event.

But FIFA president Giovanni Infantino on Friday threw a challenge to women’s football players, which was accepted with mixed feelings, as some experts supportive of the women’s game felt that time was ripe for the sport’s bosses to act.

“You have the power to convince men, just push the doors open. Women have to pick the right fight for the progress of women’s football and tell us what we have to do and don’t have to do and you will find the doors at FIFA,” said Infantino.

He will have his response at the end of today’s final.