Navy seizes dinghy with 130 kilos of Kerala ganja | Sunday Observer

Navy seizes dinghy with 130 kilos of Kerala ganja

20 August, 2023

The Sri Lanka Navy on Friday night seized a dinghy boat with 61 parcels of Kerala ganja off the coast of Uduththurai, Jaffna. The Naval Deployment from the Northern Naval Command stationed in Vettilaikerni was conducting sea patrols near Uduththurai when they intercepted and seized the dinghy boat, which was loaded with narcotics.

The man piloting the dinghy boat was also apprehended in the operation. The Navy last night transferred custody of both the dinghy boat and its illicit cargo, consisting of 61 parcels of cannabis, along with the detained individual, to the Maruthankerny police.

The suspect, aged 44, is a resident of Jaffna. The parcels of cannabis were found within three large sacks on the boat. The combined weight of the Kerala ganja in the parcels exceeded 130 kilograms.

The street value of the cannabis is estimated to be over Rs. 43 million, according to the Navy.