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As the Snowflakes Melted

30 July, 2023

Part 3: Ragnarock

Chapter 2

Fenrir Security

Operation Code: Thor’s Hammer

Subject: Mass Protest in Colombo - Target Neutralization Directive

Summary: This dossier provides critical information on the ongoing mass protest in Colombo against the mega city building project, codenamed Project Fortress. The protest poses a significant threat to the completion of the project and could hinder the establishment of secure mega cities for climate refugees.

Background: Project Fortress, initiated by the Chinese state companies, aims to build insulated mega cities equipped with self-sustaining habitations for climate refugees fleeing the ice age in the Northern Hemisphere. Colombo, Sri Lanka, is a strategic location for one of the key mega cities due to its proximity to the equator and access to trade routes.

However, the mass protest has rapidly gained momentum, with dissenting voices opposing the construction of the mega city on moral, environmental, and socio-economic grounds. The protestors, led by influential activists, have managed to mobilize a substantial portion of the population, jeopardizing the entire project.

Target Identification: During our intelligence operations, we have identified a key figure among the protestors named Amal (Full Name: Amal Silva). Amal’s influence over the protestors and his active role in organizing demonstrations make him a significant threat to the successful completion of Project Fortress. He is known to be a charismatic leader capable of mobilizing large crowds.

Objective: The objective of Project Ragnarok is to neutralize Amal and disrupt the core leadership of the protest movement. This action is deemed necessary to prevent the widespread disruption of construction activities and protect the interests of our clients.

Execution: Fenrir Security’s operatives have been briefed and deployed to Colombo to execute the neutralization of the target, Amal Silva. Operatives will be using covert means to ensure maximum secrecy and minimize any collateral damage or public awareness.

Caution: Due to the sensitive nature of this operation, it is of utmost importance that all personnel involved exercise extreme caution and discretion throughout the process. Any compromise of Fenrir’s involvement could have severe consequences for our clients and the overall security of Project Fortress.

Status Updates: All field operatives are required to maintain real-time communication with Fenrir’s central command to relay any developments and coordinate efforts. Daily situation reports are mandatory, and any significant changes in the target’s movements or actions must be immediately reported.

Conclusion: Project Ragnarok is a vital component of our commitment to securing the success of Project Fortress. Neutralizing the target, Amal Silva, will effectively disrupt the mass protest and safeguard the future of climate refugees seeking shelter in the mega cities. As Fenrir Security, we are fully dedicated to executing this operation with the utmost precision and professionalism.


Amal’s heart raced as he and the massive crowd of protestors advanced towards the heart of Colombo. The air was thick with tension and determination as their chants echoed through the streets, demanding justice and an end to the oppressive mega city project. Amal could see the passion in the eyes of his fellow activists, their desire for change burning brightly.

But as the minivan carrying Amal’s family approached the epicenter of the protest, an ominous presence manifested above them. A hovering chopper descended from the sky, landing in the middle of the street with deadly precision, scattering the crowd like frightened insects. Fenrir’s soldiers, dressed in futuristic gear, emerged from the helicopter, their cold eyes fixated on their target.

Before Amal could react, a powerful electric shock surged through his body as a taser struck him. He crumpled to the ground, his arms bound behind his back with unforgiving zip ties. His desperate cries for his family were met with cruel indifference from the heartless soldiers.

In the dimly lit, derelict warehouse where Amal found himself, fear and anger coursed through his veins. His body ached from the impact of the fall, but he refused to back down. The leader of Fenrir, a menacing figure with a cruel grin, stood before him.

“You and your pathetic resistance are nothing but pests,” the leader sneered. “We have no use for your meaningless protests.” Amal’s eyes narrowed with defiance, refusing to let fear overpower him. “You think you can silence us? The truth will always find its way to the people.”

The soldier’s boot collided with Amal’s stomach, sending a wave of pain through his body. He gritted his teeth, refusing to give his captors the satisfaction of breaking him.

But as the confrontation escalated, the world around them seemed to shatter. The sky above them turned into a blazing inferno as thousands of nuclear warheads detonated in the upper atmosphere. The shockwave reverberated through the city, rattling the very foundations of buildings and sending tremors through the ground.

In the face of this cataclysmic event, even Fenrir’s soldiers were caught off guard. Chaos erupted as the world around them seemed to crumble. The warehouse walls trembled, and pieces of debris rained down from the open roof.

Amal’s mind was a whirlwind of confusion and terror. The grim realization that the world was ending settled upon him. He thought of his family, and for a moment, all thoughts of resistance vanished as he yearned to be with them.

But the devastation was not immediate. The nuclear explosion caused a disruption in the ionosphere, leading to a temporary halt in all communication. The soldiers’ advanced gear was rendered useless, and for a moment, Amal saw the tiniest glimmer of hope.

Taking advantage of the confusion, he mustered all his strength and broke free from the zip ties binding his hands. With a newfound sense of purpose, he lunged at the leader of Fenrir, knocking him to the ground.

Amal fought with every ounce of strength in his body, knowing that he might not survive this encounter. The hulking soldier was pummeled by the raging Amal, and the world ended around him in a blaze of glory.