Trinity chicken out with walk-over to hardcore Zahira | Sunday Observer

Trinity chicken out with walk-over to hardcore Zahira

30 July, 2023

Trinity College in a shocking decision gave Zahira College a walk-over just hours before their Dialog inter school league rugby match was to start at Maradana in Colombo yesterday much to the annoyance of the home team.

Zahira the host had put all arrangements in place spending a large sum of money to prepare the ground, organize medical care and the sale of tickets, but had the most disgusting shock of the season when Trinity pulled out.

Trinity had even practiced on the day of the match but withdrew claiming their players were down with food poisoning consumed from a hotel they lodged in Colombo.

It remained unclear whether tournament rules provide for a walk-over but eventually the match commissioner awarded the win to Zahira even before the game could commence after the Trinity boarded their bus to return to Kandy.

Trinity is said to have asked for a postponement of the match but Zahira stood firm saying they had no window to play the match on a later date according to their school schedule of activity.

Supporters of Zahira claimed Trinity had feared a thrashing at the hands of Zahira College who routed Vidyartha College 23-3 in Kandy last week.

Trinity are also down to play Royal College in the second leg of their traditional Bradby match next week and could have feared the risk of injuries to key players.