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Sri Lanka Cricket admits it blundered

23 July, 2023
Pakistan captain Babar Azam (right) holds the presentation cheque that says 5000 US dollars in numbers as opposed to 2000 US dollars in words

Sri Lanka Cricket has acknowledged it made a serious lapse allowing a howling mistake by way of the prize money shown on the replica of a cheque that was presented to the Pakistan captain after the second Test in Galle on Thursday.

The prize money printed in numerical format showed 5000 US dollars but the wording gave it as “two thousand US dollars”.

In a Press statement SLC said the correct amount was 5000 USD and not two thousand and took full responsibility for what happened that kept social media and other platforms in business.

“Sri Lanka Cricket as the governing body of the game will take total responsibility for the mishap and wish to promise the cricket loving public that in the future, steps will be taken to ensure that such errors are avoided,” SLC said in its Statement.

“The post match presentation awards are prepared by the Ground Rights Holder for Sri Lanka’s inbound tours which in this case is ITW Consulting which has acquired the rights for the period of 2023-27”, SLC’s statement further added.

Pakistan won the first Test by four wickets and the second and final Test starts at the SSC ground in Colombo on Monday.