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No shortcomings at Mihintale this Poson - PM

24 May, 2023

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said in Parliament yesterday that there will be no financial or any   kind of shortcomings on the part of the government for the upcoming Poson festival in Mihinthale.

The Prime Minister recalled that the state’s obligation to protect the Sambudda Shasana is also in the Constitution and emphasized that the government is working locally and internationally for the perpetuation of the Sambudda Sasana. He made these comments in response to a question raised by the Leader of the Opposition.

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena also said that Every Sri Lankan regime in the past has participated in the great Poson festival which it has been doing for many centuries after Ven.Mihindu Mahaarahath visited the most sacred Mihintale shrine. After the British period, special festivals and a number of events have been held in order to make it more greater.

The state’s obligation to protect the Sambudda Sasanaya and to promote the Sambuddha was included in the constitution. Article 78 also furthered that section. Therefore, this government is also carrying out various local and international work that should be done not only to protect Article 9 of the Constitution, but also for the perpetuation of Sambudda Sasana.

A number of ministries have already held preliminary discussions and started the work to hold not only the Poson Festival in Mihintale, but also the Poson Festival in rom entire Anuradhapura as usual, even more grandly.

All those discussions may involve financial allocations or services to be provided by those institutions and corporations.

Lakhs of people come not only to our Mihintale but also to Anuradhapura during Poson season. For that, we join in the task of providing every support and service that should be provided.