Seven arrested over prostitution racket | Sunday Observer

Seven arrested over prostitution racket

23 May, 2023

Seven people including four young women were arrested in a raid organized by the officers of the Police Central Anti-Corruption Unit in Walane following information about a racket in which young women are being sold as prostitutes at a high prices to foreigners.

The arrest took place after Police used a decoy who posed as a broker in search of prostitutes for a group of businessmen.

The four women and three men who arranged the deal were arrested in the Anguruwatota area. Information revealed that among the arrested are a model, a bank employee and two wealthy women. The group who arranged the deal had told the Police decoy that they needed a payment of Rs.55,000 each for the four women.

A 33-year-old man, the mastermind of the racket, a resident of Koralawella had also been arrested. The Police said they have uncovered details that the main suspect is a leader of the Aragalaya protest.

During the investigation of this person, it was revealed that he is an ex-soldier.

At that time, the Western Province South District Crime Division had revealed that this person was involved in the attack on the President’s official residence, the Presidential Secretariat, the house of Member of Parliament Jagath Kumara in Talangama, and the attack on the house of the Mayor of Moratuwa.