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Leoninus ’23 concludes

7 May, 2023

As we evaluate the reasons for contributing an idealistic individual to society, we have noticed that leadership is a crucial factor.

As a result of that, the Leo Club of University of Kelaniya unveiled a project to awaken the leadership skills of youth while uncovering leaders within them.

It was project Leoninus ’23. Leoninus ’23 was a two-day leadership camp organized by the Youth Development Avenue of the Leo Club of University of Kelaniya with the aim of developing the leadership skills of the undergraduates of University of Kelaniya. Moreover, it can be considered one of the milestones which were initiated by the Leo Club of University of Kelaniya.

The initial step of the project Leoninus ’23 was taken by the Leo Club of University of Kelaniya in 2021. It was conducted virtually due to Covid-19 pandemic situation that occurred in the country during that period.

It went on for three days, giving members the opportunity to showcase their talents and an award ceremony to felicitate their attributes.

However, the organizing committee of the Leoninus ’23 determined to conduct the leadership camp physically this year since it will be more productive and more successful when it comes to the physical form, especially outside the university.

Another purpose of implementing this leadership camp physically was to further develop the human skills of youngsters as they had been isolated and had lived in a digitalized world in the recent past due to the pandemic.

The project mainly focused on creating a space to boost specific leadership skills, such as effective communication, stress and time management, decision-making, discipline improvement, problem-solving, conflict resolution, creativity, unity and teamwork.

On the other hand, this leadership camp was designed to offer participants a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire and practice leadership skills in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.

As the Youth Development Avenue planned, this massive event was held on March 18 and 19 at the Batangala Youth Centre. It was packed with a range of activities and sessions such as engagement activities, games, outdoor adventures, interactive sessions, hiking, a yoga session, a talent show and an award ceremony in order to recognize and motivate the membership for the upcoming term.

The first day commenced with a welcoming ceremony following the procedure of enrolling delegates. After that, the instructors decided to conduct the introductory session and divide the delegates into four teams to build a strong bond among them. A lot of outbound activities were carried out and at the end of the day, there was a talent show for each team to showcase their talents in singing, announcing, dancing, and acting.

In the morning session on the second day, a yoga program took place. Following that, the delegates were able to take a hike to the top of the mountain of Yakahatuwagala. After a hectic experience, a relaxation session was also held. As the final activity of the leadership camp, an award ceremony was organized in an effort to announce the winning teams, which were chosen by the instructors of the National Youth Services Council.

Appreciation tokens were also presented to the instructors for the valuable time and effort that they gave to the project. In addition, a delegate feedback session was arranged to testify to the project’s overall success.

All the executive board members, director board members, the leadership body and the organizing committee of the Youth Development Avenue, club members, and non-Leos were thanked for the immense support that they gave to the project.

The organizing committee of Leoninus ‘23 takes this opportunity to express their heartfelt gratitude to the instructors of National Youth Services Council, Nimal Pathmasiri, Ms. Thanuja Dissanayaka, Chathura Sanjeewa and Ms. Shamali Perera headed by Eranga Rathnasekara, Assistant Director Sports of National Youth Services Council for their constant support to make the event more successful and more memorable.

The project would not have been an achievement without their commitment and their guidance. On the other hand, we cannot forget our partners, National Youth Services Council as the official venue and event partner, APIDM as the official educational partner, Spectra Holdings as the official guest partner, Happy Cake and Craft as the official food and beverage partner, ‘Pawura’ Digital Magazine as the official photography partner, Rabbit Solutions as the official digital media partner and Youth Observer as the official print media partner. Throughout the planning and implementation of the project, their contribution played a significant role in making the project successful.

Leoninus ’23 strives to shape the minds of youth while providing opportunities for the growth of soft skills and active leadership, inspiring the membership to be passionate, enhancing the cooperation and teamwork of all club members, and reducing the stress that comes along with heavy academic schedules.

Throughout this project, the Director, the Leadership Body and the Organizing Committee of the Youth Development Avenue made a substantial contribution to undertake the project towards success from the beginning to the end under the guidance of the Board of Executives and the Board of Directors. Accordingly, the Youth Development Avenue was able to accomplish the project adding a feather to the cap of the Leo Club of the University of Kelaniya.