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Doctor remanded over attempted murder of his wife by insulin overdose

2 May, 2023

The Bambalapitiya Police has arrested and remanded a medical doctor attached to the Trincomalee Hospital over the attempted murder of his wife by an insulin overdose.

The arrested doctor has told the Police that after five years of marriage, his wife was in a state of mental confusion due to childlessness, so both of them decided to commit suicide, and he tried to kill his wife by injecting her with an overdose of insulin that is taken to control blood sugar levels.

The doctor working at Trincomalee General Hospital, was arrested on Sunday (30) by Bambalapitiya police officers. The police say according to evidence the suspect doctor had not made any attempt to commit suicide. When questioned about it, he had told the police that he did not do so because of the fear of killing himself. It has been revealed that this doctor is an obstetrics and gynecology doctor.

The police believe that the doctor may have tried to kill his wife.

The 24-year-old doctor’s wife is currently receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Unit of the Kalubowila General Hospital and the Police say that they have not been able to get a statement from her so far. The suspect doctor is 33 years old.

The Police say that this doctor and his wife are residents of Kaththankudi. The wife’s father is a rich businessman living in that area.Police investigations have also revealed that this marriage has taken place as an arranged marriage.

Police say that the doctor’s father is deceased and he has two brothers. He had been living with his mother in Kattankudy.

Police also revealed that the doctor and his wife were residing at a house on Layards Road, Bambalapitiya at the time of the incident. Police also said that this house was bought and gifted by the doctor’s wife’s father after their marriage.

Police say that this doctor took his wife to the Kalubowila hospital and admitted her on the morning of the 25th, stating that his wife was sick. Hospital sources said at the time she was in a coma-like state.

The doctor had taken his wife to the hospital along with her younger brother. She had been immediately admitted to the intensive care unit, as her condition was serious.

It is said that the female doctor’s brother had felt suspicious about her sister’s condition and he had told the police to check his room where the police had found a syringe in his bag.

Meanwhile, the suspect doctor has told his father in law that both had planned to commit suicide, but in the morning after seeing his wife’s condition, out of fear he had admitted her to the hospital.

The doctor suspect’s Father-In-Law had later informed about this to the Police, resulting in his arrest. The suspect doctor has been remanded after being produced in Courts.