Resilience plan to protect public from strikes | Sunday Observer

Resilience plan to protect public from strikes

2 April, 2023

State Minister of Power and Energy, Indika Anuruddha Herath said yesterday that the Government has developed a plan to protect daily public life from potential disruptions caused by nefarious trade union strikes. The Resilience Protection and Improvement Plan aims to prevent potential disruptions in schools due to teacher strikes, safeguard patients from health worker strikes, and protect the Government’s economic recovery plans.

He said that the disadvantaged political groups’ chances of winning upcoming elections have become severely limited due to the country stabilising. These frustrated elements are behind these strikes, he said.

Herath said that the resilience protection plan was designed to avoid situations that could force the public to wait in long fuel queues, similar to what occurred last year.

“Restructuring of the country’s debts is necessary for economic recovery and the country cannot afford to deal with sabotage attempts under the trade union banner,” he said.

He said that the recent deployment of Security Forces at the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) terminals during its workers’ strike was not intended to crack down on trade unions opposing privatisation plans.

He said that the Power and Energy Ministry took disciplinary action against trade union leaders who sabotaged nationwide fuel distribution operations and compelled CPC workers to not perform their duties against their will by force. The Cabinet recently approved three foreign companies, Sinopec of China, United Petroleum of Australia, and RM Parks of the USA in collaboration with Shell PLC, to enter the fuel retail market in Sri Lanka, creating competition and reducing fuel prices.

Overall, the Government aims to ensure that daily life is not disrupted due to trade union strikes, and the Resilience Protection and Improvement Plan is a significant step towards achieving this goal, he added.