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A vivid description of Sri Lankans

26 March, 2023

The film, ‘Wedi Nowadina Lamai’ is a vivid description of typical Sri Lankans.

The film, through different characters presents the burden of Sri Lankans. The backdrop of the film is the 1996 Cricket World Cup where Sri Lanka won the trophy. But that trophy is for some only, for many have lost many things due to poverty and injustice. Two parents lost their first-born child forever, an innocent girl was trapped in the dark forever, while all the other characters were also trapped in their misery of darkness, yet the sky was enlightened with the glory of fire crackers.

The film shows that, what real victory is. The risk a little boy took to save a dead child, yes, there was nothing to save as he was already dead, but yet, that courage was awarded with transformation of bullets into roses.

The film finally brings out the idea that children are bulletproof because their actions are always wrapped with kindness and innocence, hence bullets cannot stop them.

Incidentally, this was the last film in which the late Dr. Jayalath Manoratne acted.

‘Wedi Nowadina Lamai’ has been directed Indika Ferdinando – you may have heard of him, after his masterpiece ‘The Singing Pond’ (‘Ho Gana Pokuna’).

The film has been nominated for many awards including best foreign language film at the Golden Rooster Film festival.