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President tells Parliament in a special statement

23 March, 2023

President Ranil Wickremesinghe urged the Opposition to unite and disregard political differences to assist in carrying out the IMF agreement, which will aid in the development of Sri Lanka’s economy. The President emphasized that his duty is not to condemn previous administrations but to concentrate on the development of the country.

He also declared his dedication to constructing a better future by creating laws and frameworks that prevent the recurrence of past errors.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe delivered this message in a special address to Parliament yesterday morning (22) regarding the receipt of the Extended Credit Facility from the International Monetary Fund.

He stated that despite allegations being levelled against him, that his objective was not to rescue the country from an economic crisis but to safeguard the Rajapaksa family, the international community had acknowledged his efforts to carry the country across the economic vine bridge. 

The President further said that he had faith in rebuilding the beloved country where he was born, brought up and educated, and said that many past experiences were the reasons for confirming that faith.

He pointed out that getting the IMF agreement was an opportunity to raise the motherland again and said that a new path has been opened to build the future of the country’s youth.

The President acknowledged the societal pressure caused by inflation and claimed to possess a comprehensive understanding of it. He reassured that the ongoing challenges are temporary and the public will soon reap the rewards of the current efforts and commitment. The President also took this opportunity to pay tribute to all the people of the country who persevered with all the difficulties and pressures to get the IMF agreement.