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President Addresses the Parliament on the IMF Agreement

22 March, 2023

President Ranil Wickremesinghe today (22 March) addressed the parliament on the IMF Extended Fund Facility.

He stated that when he took over the country last July it was in a really bad place without any hope for recovery or the future. Country had officially declared bankruptcy. Inflation was at 70%. People were suffering on fuel and gas queues. People didn’t have power for 10 hours. Schools were closed down. There was no peace and security. Nobody wanted to take over the country.

He stated that took over the challenge without any condition. He didn’t have any MPs in parliament or any power in parliament but he worked towards the rebuilding the country from the strength of his resolve that he can rebuild the country he was born, raised and educated in.

President made this statement while tabling IMF Agreement in parliament today.