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In conversation with dazzling Wageesha Salgado

19 March, 2023

This week, the Youth observer reached out to a dazzling young Wageesha Salgado. Known for her roles in the popular Sri Lanka Television shows, ‘Raajini’ (2022) and ‘Lanvee’ (2022), Wageesha is an upcoming actress and model and has been in the cinema industry since she was eleven years through her first movie ‘Thaala’.

In conversation with Wageesha here’s what we found out:

Q: How did you get into acting?

A: I started acting while I was in school, I joined stage dramas when I was 11 years old. I participated in school-level competitions and was recognized for my acting. I went to Sussex College and Sujatha Vidhyala, thereafter, until my Ordinary Level and from a very young age I was engaged in announcing, dancing and other performing arts. It came second nature to me.

Q: At what point did you decide to make acting your career?

A: This decision was also made at a very young age; when I did my first film ‘Thaala’. I fell in love with the set, the stories, the beauty of the cinematic experience and this is when I decided this is the career for me. I told my parents that I want to pursue a career in acting and they were nothing but supportive.

Q: How have your parents supported you in your career?

A: My parents are the reason why I am here today. They were extremely supportive from day one. My parents encouraged me to pursue a diploma in cinematography to pursue my passion and supported me in all my endeavors. I am so grateful for them.

Q: Would you like to study film and acting further?

A: Currently, I am pursuing my higher education in psychology but I want to study film and acting further. I am extremely interested in this field and want to do more films and other works.

Q: Who are your acting inspirations?

A: There are a few people I am constantly inspired by, Emma Watson and Deepika Padukone and Sharuk Khan. I love the way they bring characters to life and how they handle themselves publicly as actors and while I do not want to copy anyone’s style, I try to draw from the work of these talented individuals.

Q: What do you think about your acting career so far? Are you happy about how far you have come?

A: I am extremely happy about the way my career has turned out so far. I am only twenty years old and I do not have family members in the industry, so I have come this far with my sole effects and connections, it has been a challenging journey but equally rewarding and I am proud of it.

Q: What kind of actress do you want to become?

A: My target is to be a chameleon actress and not be stuck to a certain genre.

Q: What is your experience with ‘Lanvee’?

A: It is one of my projects I have taken part in. It is very special to me because I resonated with the character ‘Rasanga’ very much. She was a challenging yet wonderful experience to deliver. I was contacted by Dilshan aiya and he asked me if I would like to take up this challenge. I loved the character on the get-go and thought it would be a very good experience so I gave it a shot and it sure was a wonderful experience.

Q: What is your experience working with veteran actors so far?

A: Since I have been acting since I was 12, I pretty much have worked with many veteran actors and my experiences with each of them have been mesmerizing and fascinating. They are like the mother and fathers of the industry, they have taken care of me, given me advice, and basically taken care of me.

I have to specially mention veteran actor Mahendra Perera. He is an immensely talented and down-to-earth individual. I refer to him as my ‘appachchi’ in the industry and he has been nothing but that.

Q: What do you prefer to do movies, TV shows or plays?

A: I cannot specifically pinpoint one thing. All three are like three children with different personalities and I love them all equally. There are various aspects to each of them that have made me fall in love with them and I plan on working on all three forms of art in the future.

Q:  Are there any veteran actors and or directors you like to work with?

A: I do not want to be picky, I am happy to work with anyone that provides me with a challenging role and an opportunity to share my creativity.

Finally, we asked Salgado what her favourite thing was about being an actress and she said that it is getting a chance to do characters. It is very special to me that we get to live through the lens of many characters. We get to express our creativity through them.

Salgado took this opportunity to thank her parents, all those who recognized her talent at a young age and gave her the opportunity to pursue her passion, and everyone who helped in any capacity, and finally her utmost gratitude to her beloved fans.