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International twins beauty pageant to be held in Sri Lanka

12 February, 2023

The Sri Lanka Twins Organisation will hold an international twins beauty pageant in Sri Lanka in July.

The first round to select the local contestants will be held next week. Over 4,000 tourists are expected to arrive in Sri Lanka for the show including participants and their families. This event has been endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism and the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.

Founder and Chairperson of Sri Lanka Twins Organisation and Vice President of Global Twins Multiple Birth Forum, Upuli Gamage told Sunday Observer Business, “This event series will carry a meaningful purpose as it mainly targets the economic growth of the country by covering several areas such as social, economic, culture and tourism.

This will be an ideal opportunity to promote Sri Lanka as a significant tourism destination, and renowned for its warm hospitality and iconic tourism attractions.”

She said the most attractive event of the pageant will be the Global Twins Ms. World Pageant, World Pageant and the Global Most Handsome Twin Couple competition.

The grand finale is scheduled for July 26, at the Nelum Pokuna Theatre, Colombo.

“The event will be projected as the world’s first event of its kind to be launched in Sri Lanka.

Promotion will be carried out by the organisers around the world through the internet which also help to promote tourism.

The first round to select the Sri Lankan contestants will be held today.

Around 30 countries are expected to take part in this event, and a large number of foreign visitors and media representatives are also expected to arrive in Sri Lanka,” Gamage said.