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Kandyan dance at Madras Music Academy

15 January, 2023

Two of the world’s famous dance organisations - Chitrasena Dance Company from Sri Lanka and Nrityagam from India will perform in Chennai at the Madras Music Academy today. 

Bollywood location scout and curator for the event Ramji Natarajan said, “Sri Lanka’s Kandyan dance is something truly amazing and iconic. It is amazing that we can see it being performed in India.”

The Indian National Congress (INC), held the All India Music Conference in Madras (now Chennai) in 1927.

This organisation was formed in the aftermath, spearheaded by E Krishna Iyer, who was involved in reviving South Indian classical style, Bharatanatyam. Freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi was the President of the INC at the time. 

The Music Academy Madras was established in 1928, making it 95 anniversary this year. “For three generations, it has played a critical role in promoting classical Indian music and dance culture,” Natarajan said.

Chitrasena is one of Sri Lanka’s most leading dance companies and has performed in many countries, highlighting the reach and value of the national culture and heritage.