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Much sought-after fruit in the world

8 January, 2023

Grapes are one of the most popular fruits which are liked by people of all ages in the world. Although grape cultivation was introduced to Sri Lanka recently, it has been cultivated in countries such as Africa, India, China and South American countries, which are currently at the forefront in terms of cultivating grapes. Those countries are producing grape varieties with better taste and quality, for which there is a huge demand in the world market.

It is believed that Champagne grapes, which is believed to be native to Greece, has been cultivated since ancient times. In the past, this variety was known as Black Corinth which was cultivated in European countries and was introduced to the United States in the 19th century.

A famous botanist named David Fairchild spread it in the US. The Americans gave the name ‘Champagne’ to the black Corinth grape variety. It is now called Champagne, and a US-based agricultural company improved this grape variety. The fruits of this type of grape are small in size and are seedless. These are in great demand from consumers due to their sweet taste.

Although this type of grape is called Champagne grape, it is not widely used for wine production. It is best eaten raw or baked and added to food. Champagne grapes are used in making baked pastries, muffins and cakes, and decorate champagne glasses and cheese platters.

New research

Jack Pandol, who lived in California, discovered a new grape variety in 1996. While doing further research on it, he got to know fruit geneticist David Kane. As a result of the research done by the two of them, the grape variety called cotton candy came to the fore in 2011. The fruits of this type of grape are medium to large in size and oval in shape. The green cotton candy grape variety is sweeter.

Cotton candy grapes are soft yet crunchy and are most popular among consumers because they are seedless. Due to the sweet taste of the cotton candy grape variety, there was a huge demand soon after it was introduced to the market. This type of grape is widely used in making different types of food because of its low acidity and sweet taste similar to vanilla.

Many people are used to eating cotton candy grapes raw by adding them to fruit salads. Although the birth of this type of grape took place in the US, it is also cultivated in countries such as Peru, Spain, Italy, Chile and Brazil.

Pinot Noir is believed to be native to Europe. At present, France has become the leader in the production of this type of grape. Pinot Noir grapes are widely cultivated in Germany and the US. It is also cultivated in countries such as Italy, Moldova, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile. The fruits of this type of grape are small to medium in size and round in shape. Also, the skin of the dark blue Pinot Noir grape variety is smooth.

This sweet-smelling grape variety, unlike many other varieties, is seedy. The Pinot Noir grape variety is used exclusively for wine production. Grapes are harvested when they are young, to make Champagne or sparkling white wine. To make red wine, the grapes must be left to ripen.

Wine production

Pinot Noir grapes used for wine production in European countries are mixed with various foods in some Asian countries. Accordingly, these grapes are paired with foods such as sushi, sashimi, chicken, pork and salmon. This type of grape can be kept fresh for about a week in the refrigerator.

Oinu Yasushi, a Japanese agronomist, started developing a hybrid grape variety in 1937. This grape got the name Kyoho in 1946. Eleven years later, in 1957, Kyoho grapes began to be cultivated commercially in Japan. This grape variety spread to China, the US, Korea and Chile. These grapes are large in size and round in shape. The bark of this grape variety, which usually varies from violet purple to dark purple, is removed before consumption. That’s because the bark is slightly astringent.

A low acidity grape variety, Kyoho has a sweet flavour. This is the most popular type of grape among Japanese people, and is widely used in festivals. These grapes are mostly used in desserts, added to baked goods, made into wine, traditional cocktails, and mixed with peanuts, almonds, and cheese. It is common for Japanese people to give a bunch of these grapes to their loved ones during the festive seasons.

Demand for Moon Drop

An agronomist in California, along with fruit geneticist David Kane, discovered a grape variety named Moon Drop in 2004. This type of grape grown in California’s San Joaquin Valley is available in supermarkets. There is considerable demand for the Moon Drop grape variety in the market. This type of grape is not cultivated in a large expanse of land. Therefore, they are not seen in the market frequently. The fruits of this type of grape are elongated in shape, growing from medium to large in size.

The black Moon Drop grape variety is sweeter than other black grapes. A perfectly crisp grape, this one is seedless. Like most grape varieties, the Moon Drop variety contains antioxidants, vitamins A, C, K, manganese, and flavonoids. Many people are used to consuming Moon Drop grapes raw.

This grape variety is great to add to fried and cooked foods. This type of grape is often used to decorate desserts prepared in a special way, to decorate delicious foods prepared with different types of meat. These can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week. If stored longer than that, their taste may change.