More benefits for students to improve school attendance | Sunday Observer

More benefits for students to improve school attendance

4 December, 2022

The Education Ministry will make the attendance of school students countrywide as it was in the past, said Education Minister Susil Premajayantha.

About 330,000 students enter Grade One in Government schools annually.

Programs are being organised in collaboration with school heads, teachers and parents to ensure that students attend schools from next year, the Minister told the Sunday Observer.

Bringing students to schools is difficult at present due to the Covid-19 pandemic and this has become a formidable challenge to school heads, he said.

The Minister said supplying free mid-day meals to students will encourage them to attend schools. Students of 7,000 Government schools have been selected for the mid-day meals program and around 1.1 million students will benefit by it from early next year.

The Government will spend Rs 1.6 billion per month for the purpose.

During the first stage Rs. 30 was allocated for each student. It was increased up to Rs. 60 in July 2022. In August this year it was increased Rs. 85 and it will be increased to Rs. 100.

Students will be provided free textbooks, free uniforms and free shoes will be distributed to deserving students next year in keeping with the recommendations of school heads, the Minister added.