POETRY CORNER | Sunday Observer


20 November, 2022

An emotional departure

His departure was warranted by the postgraduate scholarship
Offered by virtue of getting a first class in IT Finals and 2nd in the batch
University Grant Commission held the burden of the sponsor-ship
Little did his parents’ consent to his leaving for the United Kingdom
Nevertheless, they were concerned about the rare family wisdom

Three weeks hence, he was at the emigration counter with a boarding pass
His parents and his only sister bade goodbye to him after the checking-in
At the departure lounge, he spotted her alone in a corner, in the row, last
He made a beeline to where she was, before the tears in her red eyes set in

She had a boarding-pass to Bangkok, where he was supposed to transit
He was astonished to have unexpectedly seen his dancing partner sit
Whom he danced with until the wee hours, at the final university social
Whence, in his creamy youth, he felt the warmth of an intimacy of a cute female

He had had company with a few girls in the immediate junior batch
Of whom she happened to be his partner who he knew had no match
The desire to see her again reigned supreme in his mind before the trip
It remained as if It was difficult a task to get rid of that loving grip
As to what made her to select that very flight was an unknown quantity
She was speechless; More than her mouth the eyes spoke intimacy
Minutes later, the microphone sounded the warning in the last call
It seemed very much, as if she did not take any notice of the same at all

He wondered how to leave her who did checkmate his feelings in heart
The microphone sounded his name to board the flight in the final call
With the greatest difficulty, with no option, he proceeded to the flight
Whilst she was still waving her shaky hand to bid him a muted farewell

The flight taxied on the run way and disconnected the ground contact
He remembered having given her his itinerary, a number of days ahead
He realized, She wanted to preserve herself respect and dignity intact,
What she but wanted was to bid him a safe stay, the long period ahead

Her implied intention was clear; she would wait to welcome his return
To be his loving, devoted wife, and in the true sense, lifelong partner
Without giving in to anyone’s request to that effect until his return
Then, the plane started its ascent; oh, what an emotional departure!

Words: S.S.J. Fernando