POETRY CORNER | Sunday Observer


13 November, 2022

The Fragrant Water Lily

Our friendship is like the
Tender petals of the water lily;
Beautifully enfolding stamens of gold.
But the roots of our friendship,
Through mud it rises;
Through water it emerges;
Through sunlight it blossoms.
It is the light that urges the flower
To open its heart to the world.
Blossoming in its beautiful purple petals.
Our friendship is like the Water Lily
Soft and beautiful outside,
Deep rooted inside!
To the outside world;
Our friendship is like;
A silent water lily on the still waters;
With tender snow-white blossoms . . .
The sunlight pouring down
its golden light . . .
And all its rays are gathered
Into that blossom bright petals . . .
Like the waterlily,
The fragrance of our friendship
Is spread everywhere . . .
With sweetness rising from each fold,
Embraced by the deep shallow waters;
Deepening the roots of true friendship . . .
I treasure the beautiful
blossoming friend I found
Who is such a precious jewel.
Ishanka, Thank you for being the
blossoming water lily of my life . . .
So fragrant and sweet – and for
always being there!

Words: Ravihansi Palliyaguruge



I am chained;
All around my body,
The growing curves of my body,
The growing shape of my body,
Is chained,
By whom?
I wonder.

I am chained;
All around my mind,
The days of my carefree life,
The smile-at-everyone attitude,
Is chained.
By whom?
I wonder.

By whom?
I ; myself,
Who decided to chain my body?
Yes, I .
To fit to the frame of them,
Who decided to chain my mind?
Yes, I .
To get that norm of,
“awell mannered woman”,
For that norm,
I hide what I feel,
What I need,
What is my will,
Just for a norm?
Yes, for a norm,
Then I would be a,
“Respectable lady”,
By chaining myself.

Words: Kalanavi Perera