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Global Youth Camp 2023 – Sri Lanka

6 November, 2022

NSBM Green University, the premier higher education institute in Sri Lanka, is set to host the biggest youth camp in Sri Lanka for Summer 2023. “Global Youth Camp 2023 – Sri Lanka”. Inspired by NSBM ‘s all time vision to direct Sri Lanka towards a knowledge-based globalized economy, this timely initiative of a world class summer camp programme is expected to draw over 200 international students and academics from 50+ countries around the world.

‘Global Youth Camp 2023 – Sri Lanka’ (GYC 2023) is the latest global-level initiative implemented by NSBM Green University, availing the invaluable opportunity for international students and academics from diverse disciplines to productively spend their holidays on this beautiful island while exploring the Sri Lankan geography, culture, art, and history on a scholarly view.

Scheduled to be held in August 2023, the two-week holiday camp will ideally be located at NSBM Green University, where participants will be engaged in an effectively planned series of activities and sessions. Remarkably, throughout the entire duration of the camp, all participants will be facilitated with accommodation, food and transportation facilities. The program is also to be backed by massive marketing and collaborative endeavours enriched with local and foreign strategic partnerships, aiming to boost the tourism and hospitality sectors.

The program outline of GYC 2023 has been carefully designed to capture a multi-faceted and dynamic audience consisting of international students currently studying in high school, undergraduate or postgraduate levels and university academics, most importantly, students from Sri Lankan expatriate communities who anticipate opportunities to immerse in the authentic culture of their native land.

As part of the launching ceremony, the university carried out a lineup of special events and ceremonial activities, which encompassed the unveiling of the logo, the release of the theme song and the launch of the official video, promotional brochure and website of GYC 2023 – Sri Lanka.